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Hey, we're all very busy people now-a-days and we don't always have hours to spend in the kitchen making lunches for families and you might not always have left over chili in your fridge to make my leftover chili pizza's. This is where my speedy sub pizzas come in! All you need to make these yummy little treats from scratch are basic store cupboard/fridge items and a couple of sub rolls and in less than half an hour you can have four little pizza's perfect for mum, dad and the two kids (or one very hungry baker!). 

Now my little recipe below is merely a guide but I would always follow my five step guide to perfect speedy pizzas:

Step 1: Bread and Butter:

6 inch sub rolls cut in half lengthways are just the perfect size for a lunch time snack. If you don't have or can't get hold of sub rolls then something of a similar size such as a panini or even half a french baguette will work just as well. Remember to spread your bread with a smidge of butter before toasting too so that the base isn't too dry.

 Step 2: The Tomato

As going for the speedy lunch I'm just popping on some tomato puree and spreading it across the bread! Simple and effective. If I had a bit more time and they were in my kitchen I'd maybe finely chop some fresh basil leaves and mix them in for a herby punch. If you don't have puree, a little spread of ketchup will work (and the kids will love it) or if you have any you could slice some fresh tomato and use them to line the buttered sub rolls.

Step 3: The Veg


OK, so these pizzas are hardly the most healthy dish on the planet but it can be a good way to sneak in a bit of veg into your kids lunchtimes. I've used a jarred roasted red pepper, I always have a jar knocking around as they are great to add into tomato based dishes. Mushrooms are a pizza staple and would work great too and I know kiddies are fan of sweetcorn too so a few kernels dotted on the top would be fabulous. See what you have in your kitchen and whack some on your pizzas.

Step 4: The Meat

Of course I'll start by saying that veggies can leave this part out or use a meat replacement instead but for me you cannot have mini pizzas without some chopped pepperoni. I had some in my fridge today but I'm aware it's not something that most families could just happen to have to hand. Most meats will work on the pizzas though. Rip up some ham slices, sprinkle over some left over chicken from your Sunday roast, there are oodles of things you can add instead.

Step 5: The Cheese

A pizza is not a pizza without oodles of melted cheese over the top ad for me there is no other cheese you can use other than a cheddar. It's just the perfect cheese for melting. Again, if you don't have any then use another cheese that you think will melt well over the top of the pizza's. Some sliced mozzarella on top will also melt really well, going all gooey and stringy as it does.

Follow these steps and you will have delicious lunch time treats in no time! Here is a recipe for four roasted pepper and pepperoni version that I've hinted upon in the above.

Speedy Pepperoni Sub Roll Pizza

2 "6 Inch" Sub Rolls Sliced Lengthways
A Smidge Of Spreadable Butter
4 Tsp Tomato Puree
1  Large Chopped Jarred Roasted Red Pepper
16 Slices Pepperoni
125g Grated Cheddar Cheese

  1. Take the sub rolls and spread the with a bit of butter. Place them under a hot grill until lightly toasted. Remove from the grill but leave the grill on.
  2. Spread over 1tsp of tomato puree over each slice of bread and then divide the red peppers, followed by the pepperoni and finally the cheese between each slice to build your pizzas.
  3. Place the pizzas back under the grill until the cheese has fully melted and is bubbling.
Lunch is served. Super simple and from prep to plate in less than 30 minutes everyone is gonna tuck in with no complaints. Serve with a bit of fruit and a drink of juice for a full rounded lunchtime experience. 

Get the kids involved as well! Toast the bread and chop all the ingredients and they can build their pizza's from scratch. Great fun for them and less work for you too! 

Time is no longer an excuse for a hot lunchtime treat with these speedy subs!

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