Saturday, 27 May 2017


I love making soups. They are a perfect thing to make when you have random bits of vegetables to use up and that is what happened to me when I had some carrots left over from a Sunday roast one week. Not wanting to put too much effort into making my soup though I decided to make a slow cooked carrot and coriander soup in my slow cooker so that I would be able to just lash everything in and leave it to work it's magic so I could spend the day walking around the park in the sun instead of being stuck in the kitchen. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017


Well after our holidays this month I am now officially skint. No money for buying fresh baking ingredients this weekend so I worked with what I had. That is what lead me to create these gorgeous chocolate chip cookies which are laced with the classic flavor combination of chocolate and orange thanks to some leftover birthday chocolate I had sat in the fridge. If you are a keen baker like me you should have all the other ingredients you need in your kitchen which shows that you should never let a lack of funds stop you getting your baking fix.

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Our adventure overseas continues now with the second week of our holiday were we ventured over to the vibrant and beautiful city of Singapore. We came armed with our guide book and when we didn't have any luck finding any food in the Little India area of the city we decided to venture to the glorious Marina Bay Sands and it's shopping area where you can find Pizzeria Mozza. Described as having "pizza crusts to die for!" and with our love of pizza we just knew we had to go and visit them to find out for ourselves.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


These cheese and onion potato cakes came about when I was trying to make a vegetarian version of a fish cake on Good Friday this year. I wanted to make them really special and so with some leftover cheese in the fridge I set about making a delicious potato cake with an amazing melt in the middle cheese filling in the centre that would explode over the plate once you cut through the golden panko breadcrumb coating. They take a little work to make but trust me when I say that it is really worth the effort. Who knew potatoes could be so exciting!


One of the first things I love to do when I arrive in a new holiday destination and I've checked into the hotel is to get on my phone and use my GPS to find all the restaurants nearby. There could be some hidden treasures around that you wont find in any guide book or travel guide. That is how I found out about Warung Kampung. A warung is the name for a small family run cafe/restaurant and this little eatery was just around the corner from our hotel. It was getting some nice little reviews on the internet so one night I decided to take a walk and see if I could get myself some good authentic Balinese grub.

Sunday, 14 May 2017


I initially didn't want to go into the Azul Tiki Bar when we first passed it the previous day whilst walking along the beach in Legian, Bali. I don't know why but maybe I just thought that by having the mantle of being the island's first tiki bar that it was just going to be a bit cheap and nasty. I gave the menu another look the next day though and decided to give them a whirl. Well, they did have barramundi on the menu (which I've always wanted to try!) and there were cocktails ahoy so even if it was bad I could get bladdered on those. Off we trotted to see if my feelings would be correct or if I needed to eat my words.

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Our Bali adventure continued on day two with drinks on the beach during sun downers. I can't think of any better way to finish off a hard day of sun bathing by the pool. How about if there was a yummy meal to be had too? With hungry bellies we headed off down the strip and stumbled upon the SKAI Beach Club. This restaurant is part of the Padman Resort in Legian but we didn't let the fact it's attached to a hotel put us off giving it a try as the menu looked delicious!


So at the beginning of this month I was very lucky to go for two weeks holiday exploring Bali and Singapore. I love Asian food in all its forms so I couldn't wait to try all the delights of these two regions. You might be surprised to see then that for our first meal away we actually ended up in Holy Guacamole, a Mexican bar and grill near our hotel in Legian. Well, when you're still adjusting to a country's time zone, temperature and culture sometimes it's best to stick a little too what you know.


It wasn't the first time that we had visited Grill On The Alley in Manchester when we visited last month however when we received an email that they were offering discounts on table bookings so that people could sample their new menu and with a visit to the city planned, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them another shot. So, off we popped with our reservation ready to see what delicious new treats they were serving up this springtime.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Did you see my Crackin' Cornflake Fried Chicken? Well obviously I had to go ahead and make a vegetarian version for the veggie at home and so out came the trusty Quorn chicken pieces. I wasn't sure that they would work being soaked in buttermilk and then being deep fried in a herb and spice flavored flour and cornflake coating but they worked incredibly well. They were just as good as the cornflake chicken in my opinion and so make a great healthier alternative whilst also being a new way to make those Quorn pieces more exciting!