Saturday, 5 December 2015


A Rotisserie chicken restaurant in Liverpool! Well I just had to check that out didn't I? Chez Le Coq situated on the currently booming Bold street has been making waves for a while now and last month I finally managed to take a trip down there to see if the claim on their website that their rotisserie chicken is the "finest" around was true! With all the recent restaurants open on Bold Street in Liverpool over the last 12 month it's becoming the place to be for hungry Scousers everywhere so you need to stand out from the crowd. With its name and the large cockerel emblazoned on the glass exterior it's pretty clear what Chez Le Coq is all about making it easy to grab the attention of any peckish pedestrians passing by who may be on the mood for some chook! 

The interior is small making for a cozy atmosphere and the brick walls and metallic exposed ceiling have the feel of a modern warehouse studio apartment making the whole environment incredibly chilled out. We were greeted at the door and taken to our table close to the kitchen (always the best spot!) and it was time to order. The staff who served us were all friendly and very knowledgeable on the menu, advising us on the size of the dishes so that we ordered enough and letting us know how spicy the different items were. They are all a credit to the restaurant and clearly enjoy working there.

As we had a  long night ahead of us we decided to go with the sharing platter between the two of us to get us going. This came with some chicken wings that really packed a punch, I don't mind spice but be warned if you can't handle the heat, these guys are on fire. Luckily there is some cooling tzatziki alongside them to chill things out. The halloumi was soft and perfectly grilled with a tangy drizzle of sweet chili over the top that I could of eaten a whole plate of them. The hummus and pita rounded things off nicely it's just a shame there wasn't enough bread for the massive bowl of dip! This was the only issue though, the rest was top notch!

Next, we had to have chicken really (it is called "The House Of Chicken" after all!). My dining buddy went for the marinated butterfly chicken breast at a medium heat (mild and hot also available). The breast were soft like butter and beautifully moist and there was just the right amount of spice to keep the taste buds dancing without being bland or mind blowingly hot. The rice was gently spiced too but she did comment that the dish did feel like it needed a sauce. We were told later that they do have sauces to offer so if you feel the same whilst eating be sure to ask for some. You cannot fault the quality of that chicken though, it was lush.

I went for the Peri-Peri marinated chicken thighs. Served with the same spicy rice and salad as the breasts my friend had (well they are delicious so I wanted a piece of the action a well!). The thighs once again, were so soft and moist that my knife only had to touch them and they fell apart. That Peri-Peri sauce though! It really added that extra touch that I think was missing on the breasts. It was full of smoky, warm heat with that spicy kick that sent me straight to chicken heaven. If your restaurant is going to do one meat they need to do it right and with these thighs, Chez Le Coq have hit the jackpot.

No time for pudding today as we were most defiantly stuffed like a Sunday roast chicken at this point so it was time to leave. What I enjoyed most about our trip to Chez Le Coq is that is was uncomplicated, friendly and most importantly delicious. We knew what we were coming in for and that's exactly what we got and so we left with a big smile on our faces. What more could you ask for from a trip to a restaurant. Chez Le Coq, it's a house of fabulousness!

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