Saturday, 13 May 2017


Our Bali adventure continued on day two with drinks on the beach during sun downers. I can't think of any better way to finish off a hard day of sun bathing by the pool. How about if there was a yummy meal to be had too? With hungry bellies we headed off down the strip and stumbled upon the SKAI Beach Club. This restaurant is part of the Padman Resort in Legian but we didn't let the fact it's attached to a hotel put us off giving it a try as the menu looked delicious!

SKAI was empty as we reached the top of the hill up to the outdoor seating area which was great as we had our pick of the tables. We took a seat at a table which not only had great air conditioning but was also right by an infinity pool overlooking the beach whilst the gorgeous Balinese sunset was in full swing. It was a little bit of paradise just for us. It did begin to pick up as our meal went on and a DJ even appeared to start playing some tunes at the far side of the dining area. SKAI does appear to come alive later in the day.  We were handed menus by the (once again - everyone in Bali is!) friendly server and began to make our selections.

But what about a nice drink for us to sip on before dinner? SKAI has a vast selection of beverages from mocktails (which we tried - the lemon bitters was super refreshing!) to sangria and classic cocktails. They also have their own range of signature tipples including the Basil Sincity which I went for. I love herbs in cocktails and this one didn't disappoint. Made with vodka, dry gin, lime juice, sugar, pineapple and of course, fresh basil leaves it was a well balanced delight that packed a punch but didn't overwhelm with the savory flavors. That's how you start a fabulous holiday dinner! 

Plenty of the dishes on the menu cater for those who may not have that much of an appetite with an array of tapas and small plates. A lot of these are also vegetarian which was great for us! We ordered the veggie beet burger which was pretty much slider size when it arrived at the table (you may want to order some sides with it if you are hungry!). Good things come in small packages though and this burger certainly proved that. It was moist and sweet from the beets whilst the green harrisa it was served with was fresh, vibrant and a great companion to the meat free patty. Full marks on the vegetarian front.

Vegetarians will also be happy with the side of steamed veggies that I got to go alongside both of our mains. It's great to see vegetables cooked so that they are nice and al dente and retain all there vibrant colors rather than being obliterated to death like you would find in a lot of cheap restaurants in the U.K. This plate of tasty goodness had big chunks of fresh courgettes, sweet squash, plump mushrooms and crisp carrots and cauliflower. I know it's only a side dish of a plate of vegetables but I wanted to give props to SKAI for being able to get those basics right that are so often forgotten.

I couldn't resist giving Chef's Signature Chicken Too Too a whirl. Wow! I love chicken and this is right up there with the best. This is the chef's personal take on the traditional Balinese dish Chicken Betutu where the chicken is cooked three ways, steamed, roasted and then smoked so that the meat ends up gorgeously moist, falling off the bone and has a delicious BBQ smokiness too it. It was amazing! Add to that a fragrant lemongrass yellow curry like sauce that had a right kick to it, perfectly cooked sticky rice and crispy onions and you have one of the stand out dishes from our trip to Bali.

No pudding for us again today, just a few more drinks as we watched the final bit of sunset before heading back to our hotel. We only hit upon SKAI Beach Club by chance and I'm so glad we did. It was worth it for that Chicken Too Too alone but not only that, the setting was incredible, cocktails lip smackingly moreish and more friendly Balinese servers who couldn't be more eager to help. Wanna know what the S.K.A.I stands for? Seriously Kick Ass Incredible! 

To find out more about SKAI, take a look at all the drink and food menus or to find out how to get there then click on their website here or go and ogle at all their grub on their Instagram page by clicking here! 

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