Friday, 2 June 2017


On our second day in Singapore we spent most of the day taking in the sights of Gardens By The Bay, a spectacular garden and conservation hub right in the heart of the city centre. An incredible place in the centre of such a modern city calls for incredible food and so a trip to it's very own hawker centre, Satay By The Bay seemed like a no brainer. A more tourist friendly hawker centre compared to those you'll find in the city, would it's food be able to match the wonders of the attractions and scenery of the gardens?

We arrived as the sun was setting over Satay By The Bay having spent the afternoon exploring the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (must sees if you are in Singapore!). It was late but even so there was still a lot of activity with stall holders beckoning you to eat with them whilst chef's worked away behind them on their super hot grills. It's hard not be overwhelmed initially and just order from the first stall you come across, particularly when your hot and hungry but take the time to have a look around the different vendors before taking a seat at a table.  Don't worry, someone will be round to get you a super cold Tiger in no time!

It can be very hard to find vegetarian options in these Singaporean hawker centres but we came across the winner when we saw the Turkish, Mediterranean and Thai Spize stall with it's falafel wrap. I know it might sound strange to come all the way to Singapore to eat falafel but it's totally worth it as this bad boy was absolutely delicious. Crammed until it was practically bursting at the seams, this wrap not only had a soft and moist falafel inside it but also plenty of freshly chopped vegetables to add some crunch and texture to this hand held treat. If you need a veggie option, this is my recommendation.

Before we came to Singapore we had read all about their amazing crab dishes and so when I saw Marina Live Seafood And Steamboat was serving crab straight from the tank to the plate I couldn't resist. I was recommended the white pepper crab and after an agonizing wait it arrived at the table and I was blown away. Yes, you really have to work those shell crackers to get that meat out but I've never tasted crab meat so fresh in my whole life. The spicy white pepper sauce the crab was fried in along with some vegetables was hot and I mean hot! It certainly made me sweat. If you love seafood, you will think you have gone to heaven. Stunning!

I couldn't come to Satay By The Bay or even Singapore that matter without trying some Satay so even after devouring all that crab I headed over to one of the grills near to where we entered and ordered 10 sticks of chicken to enjoy whilst watching the Supergrove Tree light show. The chicken is delightfully moist and perfectly cooked as it is but satay sauce here is on another level compared to the rubbish we get in the UK. It's sweet and sticky with only a hint of nuttiness coming through. It's so moreish that before I knew it I had actually demolished all the sticks in no time at all when I tucked into them later. So so good!

Satay By The Bay is the perfect place to tip your toe into the world of Singapore Hawker centres and an ideal place to take a break whilst taking in the sights and sounds of the Gardens By The Bay. The atmosphere is buzzing, the drinks flowing and the food is just amazingly fresh and tasty. Be prepared to get stuck in and don't be scared to try something you may not of had before otherwise you may just be missing out on something you may just find is your new favorite meal. Bring wipes to mop away the food all over your face and fingers and leave after being completely stunned by Satay By The Bay.

Check out all the stalls at Satay By The Bay over at their website by clicking here where you will also find a gallery of all the delicious food to droll over!

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