Saturday, 3 June 2017


I wouldn't normally recommend food which you can pick up in a food court but then again I had never been to Star Cinnamon until recently. We stumbled across Star Cinnamon in the basement of the Bugis Junction shopping centre on our way home from visiting the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore and we couldn't help but be enticed by the wonderful cinnamon buns on display. We just had to try some so we stood and began to make our selections. What a hard choice this was going to be!

Star Cinnamon started life just over three years ago when the creative team behind this over the counter deli started work on trying to create the softest and fluffiest cinnamon roll imaginable. After tweeking the recipe over time in the search to get the right texture and flavor I can confirm that this has most defiantly been achieved. Not only do all the different cinnamon rolls look absolutely stunning but they taste incredible too. Even the bog standard cinnamon roll which is topped with just a simple cinnamon sugar glaze is a work of art that they could of just sold them on their own.

But we couldn't just stick to buying the plain ones! Arriving late on the evening we were astounded to find that Star Cinnamon were selling the buns off for just $5 for 6. That's roughly £2.50 in sterling. £2.50 for 6 huge cinnamon rolls is a bargain in what can be quite a pricey city for food when you step away from the hawker centres. So, 6 rolls were ordered including the blueberry cream cheese topped version. The decedent cream cheese topping is so light and fluffy and the fresh burst of the blueberries in the blueberry jam on top cuts right through the sweetness of the roll.
Star Cinnamon take great pride in their cream cheese toppings and they play around with different varieties of it to create an array of naughty treats that are just too appetizing to resist. Peanut butter and jelly (jam!) is a flavor combination that is much more popular in the US than it is in the UK but it's creeping it's way across the world to the likes of Singapore now as well. The peanut butter cream cheese topping on the PB and J cinnamon roll is very rich and sticky but the dollop of jam gives it a fruity burst that prevents the roll from being too one note and sickly.

If you do like your sweet treats on the rich and heavy side then you can really go all out by giving this chocolate Oreo cinnamon roll a whirl. The chocolate cream cheese topping is made with the most unctuously beautiful dark chocolate and is piled on in bucket loads. Your waistline is not going to thank you for choosing this one. It's a challenge even for the most hardened chocoholic but if you can manage it you will think you have died and gone to heaven. The pieces of Oreo decorating the crown of the roll add a delightful biscuity crunch to give some much needed texture to the smooth chocolate topping.

If you fancy something a little bit lighter (and I mean a little - there are no diet options here!) and are more a fan of traditional baked desserts then why not opt for the lemon meringue topped cinnamon roll instead. This time that beautiful signature fluffy cinnamon roll is flavored with a subtle hint of lemon and topped with the most generous meringue topping that manages to remain crispy and crunchy on top whilst being as light as clouds underneath. It's a brilliant twist on a cinnamon roll and something that I've never seen before. This may of been my favorite one but that is like choosing a favorite child at Star Cinnamon!

So with our six cinnamon rolls selected (we chose two of the blueberry rolls!), we took them back to our hotel room to enjoy as a late night treat, breakfast in the morning and another bed time snack the day after. These cinnamon rolls are stunning and a perfect example of how you can create something mind blowing if you perfect the core of your product the way Star Cinnamon have with their amazing dough. Add to this some amazingly generous and naughty toppings at an affordable price (remember, go in the evening!) and it's quite clearly a no brainier, Star Cinnamon get 5 stars from me. 

To find out more about Star Cinnamon, gawp at their amazing rolls and for info on how to find them then head on over to their website by clicking here!

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  1. wow- creative. I've never seen anything other than cream cheese or caramel topped ones. The lemon meringue is enticing.