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Having been blessed to be given the opportunity to give away a copy of the brilliant Liverpool Cook Book produced by Meze Publishing, I have also been granted permission to share one of the books fabulous recipes with you in the hope that it will inspire you to head out and purchase a copy of the book for yourself. The first recipe to instantly jumped out at me from the pages was Crosby Coffee's mocha brownies. Not only did they look divine in the book but I can confirm upon making them that they taste equally as delicious!

As mentioned above, this recipe is featured in the Liverpool Cook Book published by Meze Publishing. Yes, I was given a copy of the book for promoting it however I'm more than happy to give my time and some blog space to highlight a book that showcases so many of the fabulous independent restaurants in Liverpool. If you have never been to Liverpool, please don't be stuck in the 80's thinking that it's full of shell suits, curly hair and cars on bricks, the city centre is now a thriving foodie hub full of amazing eateries! Come and visit us and find out for yourself.

This recipe comes from Crosby Coffee. Located in my home town of Litherland no less, I sadly can't say that I've visited them however judging by the quality of their brownies I'd say it would be well worth stopping by for some coffee and sweet treats. Check out their website here for more information or to order some bags of their fabulous coffee. 

Whilst not featured in the book, I thought I'd keep the local vibe going by using some dark chocolate in the ganache topping that has come from local artisan chocolate supplier Coco Baroque. I came across these bad boys during a visit to Woolton Farmers Market and I'm glad I did. The knowledgeable guy on the stall knew his stuff as well! If you are looking for some items to put into a Christmas food hamper or gifts for the foodie in your family check out their website here for the full range of yummy chocolate bars, buttons or hot choc blocs (which have particularly caught my eye if anyone's listening!)

So let's move into the recipe. Thank you once again to Meze Publishing for giving me permission to print this fabulous recipe! Give them a go this weekend and be prepared to enter chocolate heaven:

Crosby Coffee's Mocha Brownies

 4 Eggs
375g Caster Sugar
10ml Vanilla Extract
225ml Vegetable Oil
120g Plain Flour
30g Cocoa Powder
30g Ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
2g Baking Powder
4g Salt
200g Dark Chocolate
100ml Double Cream
1 Double Shot Espresso Coffee

  1. Begin by popping your oven on to 170 degrees (160 fan) and grease and line a tin which is roughly 25cm X 15cm with baking paper.
  2. In a large bowl, cream together the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract until the mixture has doubled in size and the batter forms ribbons that can hold their shape for a few minutes. Keep beating the mixture as you slowly pour in the oil until well combined.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, cocoa powder, ground coffee, baking powder and salt until well combined
    and then add it to the bowl with the wet ingredients . Gently fold everything together until you see no streaks in the mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture into the baking tray and then pop into the oven for 30-35 until the top of the mixture is crispy and the brownie has shrunk away from the sides of the tin. It should still have a bit of wobble in the middle but don't worry, remove it from the oven and as it cools it will continue to cook and the centre will become all fudgy and delicious.
  5. Whist the brownies cool, prepare the ganache by placing the chocolate into a bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure the water doesn't touch the base of the bowl. Stir regularly until the chocolate has melted and is smooth.
  6. In a separate pan, pour in the double cream and gently bring it to a boil. Pour the cream into the melted chocolate along with the shot of espresso and mix together to form your spreadable ganache. Spread evenly over the top of the brownies and chill before cutting into roughly 20 squares and serving.
It can seem like torture having to wait for the brownies too cool down for so long but trust me when I say it's worth the wait. Using such a good coffee gives these incredibly fudgy decedent brownies such a delightful chocolate coffee flavor whilst the naughty dark chocolate ganache sends the chocolate barometer soaring through the roof with its smooth, rich creaminess. I defy anyone to not fall in love with these bad boys. This is just one example of the amazing recipes in the Liverpool Cook Book featuring over 50 recipes from a range of the cities brilliant independents. To order yourself a copy click the link here - it'll make an excellent Christmas gift!

Or there is still chance to win a copy by entering my competition - click here to do just that and to learn more about the Liverpool cook book.

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