Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Yes, I'm well aware that I've spoken about my visits to Mandrac several times already but as it is one of my most favorite places in the world and we did visit it for a third time when we visited Lopud in September that I think it's perfectible acceptable to talk about it for another time, especially when the food was once again utterly delicious. No surprises here, this isn't the day that Mandrac mess up and the food was awful, it's just me showing you some more of the amazing food that was served up too us on our final night on Lopud.

Arriving late from our apartment at Villa Biramisa just above Mandrac we took a seat inside once again. Normally we'd take a seat outside but it was a bit too dark to do so tonight as well as being a little bit chilly which is unusual for Lopud. The relaxed serving style of Mandrac meant we had plenty of time to have another look at the menu to see if any treats had passed us by on previous meals. It was time to try something new!

We started with a caprese salad. When it arrived at the table it looked truly scrummy. The huge chunks of tomato were so bright and vibrant. The taste matched up to their looks too. So moist and juicy, you can taste the freshness and quality of the produce with every bite. The difference from the tomatoes you get back in the UK is stark. The mozzarella was not scrimped on either with equally chunky pieces arranged between the tomatoes. The cheese melted in the mouth and was the perfect partner for those amazing tomatoes. Simply dressed with some fabulous olive oil and balsamic vinegar, this was once again a real showcase of how you only need amazing ingredients to make a dish. 

For my starter I went for the Croatian cheese and Dalmatian ham. I've spoken in the past about the famous cured meats of the Dalmatian region of Croatia and it really is worth shouting about. The thin slices of ham pack a real punch with a bit of a sweet tang to them but this was a perfect compliment to the sharp cheese served alongside it. Save the complimentary bread and oils you get at the table when you sit down to enjoy with this and you have one of the most delicious charchutaries ever eaten. Again, much like with the caprese salad there was only really two ingredients on the plate but you don't feel like you're missing anything. Another incredible start to a meal at Mandrac.

Onto the mains now and when we visited Mandrac last time a couple sat next to us ordered the lemon pasta and it smelt amazing so this time around we decided to try it for ourselves. As it was placed down in front of us the smell of the lemon sauce wafted up to our noses and it was so mouthwatering. You could squeeze a bit of extra lemon over the top if you like but we thought the balance of lemon in the sauce was spot on and the sweetness was perfect against the sharpness of the cheese grated on top. As with most pasta dishes we tried on Lopud, it was not overloaded with excess vegetables. There is just pasta, a sauce and a bit of cheese but its all you need. 

For my final main at Mandrac of the holiday I decided to move away from the fish for a change and went for the lamb chops. Three massive chunks of meat arrived at the table and each one was perfectly cooked. Beautifully seared and golden brown on the outside, my knife slid though each one like butter, the bone slipping off the meat with ease to reveal the glistening pink meat inside. If you don't like your lamb medium rare I suggest you ask for it to be cooked well done when you order but for me this was spot on. I was in heaven! It came served with some boiled potatoes and vegetables but I didn't really notice them to be honest. I was too busy falling in love with the most delicious lamb that I may of ever tasted in the world!

Our final visit to Mandrac was over. It was sad to think we wouldn't be able to come back for at least another year but we will take home some special memories. Mainly of food but also of Mandrac's amazing setting and all the guys who work there who were always happy to help but were never intrusive. It's a relaxed way of service that I much more prefer than over the top attentiveness. We will be coming back to Lopud and Mandrac is the number one reason why. Thank you Mandrac for being a big part of our amazing second visit to Lopud! Here's to round three next year?

Check out Mandrac's Facebook page here for some more information on their amazing food and venue and if you do one thing this year then make sure you book yourself a visit to Lopud for your next holiday. We stayed at Villa Biramisa and you can check out their website by clicking here. Amazing apartments with amazing views and food? What more could you ask for?

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