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There are many new ventures in Liverpool claiming to offer great authentic BBQ food but not many of them are offering this for £15 for two courses with a bottle of beer! At the time of writing, this is what Rookwood Bar and 'Cue currently have on offer for midweek diners and with such an enticing offer on the table it was a bit of no brainer that we would have to go and try it out! 

So having prebooked our 5pm table on a warm winter Thursday evening (according to the website, prebooking is compulsory should you wish to take advantage of the two course offer!), we arrived at Rockwood as the first guests of the evening. Walking upstairs through the modern/urban decor of the dining area and past the kitchen we were seated in a comfortable booth in the corner of the restaurant. Most cozy!

Exposed brick work, chalk boards displaying specials and neon lights all add to the (dare I say it?) trendy vibe Rockwood appear to going for but its informal in a way that doesn't make it too snobby and stuffy. It's a cool environment but not overly hipstery which would make me shudder. I'm getting quite old now you see!
Before getting stuck into ordering our food, we couldn't help but be drawn to the two for one cocktails that were on offer at that time. You know me, any excuse for a cocktail or two! We both were instantly attracted to the strawberry Bellini which were brought to the table in no time at all. They were delicious with just enough fizz without being overly sweet from the strawberry syrup. I could of quite happily sat and drank a fair few of these bad boys all evening if my naughty side would of let me but there was food to be eaten and a long night ahead of us.

Obviously being a special £15 offer we were partaking in there was a limited selected of the main main to choose from but with four options for each course I think there would be something to satisfy most people and for the price you can't really complain. What was worrying me was whether the portion sizes were going to be up to much in order for them to be making any money.

I needn't of worried. My starter of chicken wings arrived and it was of ample size. You can choose which sauce you like with your wings and I played it safe by choosing BBQ. There was a delicious smokiness to the sauce and the meat from the wings fell straight off the bone, just as a chicken wing should be. Special mention to the delicious red cabbage and caper slaw that superbly complimented the wings. I thought I didn't like capers but they worked splendidly in this slaw and I could of easily eaten a whole plate full of it!  Not a fan of BBQ sauce? You can have them coated in a garlic and chipotle or chili sauce instead if you like thing a bit more spicy!

My buddy went for the sticky pork sausages for her starter and got exactly what it says on the tin. A bowl of delicious little piggies, more suited for those who maybe have a smaller appetite compared to my more ample wings. They were indeed sticky and a little sweet with the honey they were glazed with and she polished them off in no time at all. A chunk of bread is served alongside your bangers which your going to need in order to mop up every last bit of that gorgeous glaze on your plate. You aren't going to want to leave any of behind, even if it means licking your fingers and the bowl if you have too!

Next up came the main. Opposite me, my buddy ordered the "Chefs Bird" and it looked an absolute treat when placed down in front of her. Underneath that intense smoky tomato sauce sat a perfectly cooked chicken which was moist and finger licking good. That all sat on top of an amazingly creamy sweet potato mash and a bed of tenderstem broccoli which was also cooked spot on so that it kept a bit of bite as well as it's vibrant green color. The dish as a whole was perfectly balanced with a great mixture of textures and flavors to keep things interesting. If your a fan of chicken but not in the mood for a burger then this is the main to go for!

If you are in the mood for a burger then there is only one choice to go for. The "Motherclucker 2.0!". A fantastic name for a fantastic burger. This is one stacked burger, topped with a surprisingly vinegary onion ring that is something I've never experienced in an onion ring before but something I'd defiantly like to try again as they are the best onion rings I think I've ever eaten. Fact! The bun was soft and hid underneath it was an ample helping of chipotle mayonnaise and another one of those incredible onion rings. The centre of the burger is home to the buttermilk fried chicken breast.

Ah yes, the chicken breast. Huge and moist and just a big piece of mouthwatering perfection, this is a masterclass in chicken burger making and one that I encourage you all to go and enjoy immediately if you love chicken burgers. Full marks to Rookwood for the Motherclucker! If after you have stuffed all of this beast into your mouth you are still hungry then your burger comes served alongside a portion of fluffy potato wedges and more of that sweet caper slaw which is so good it actually made me enjoy capers for the first time ever. As mentioned earlier, that is an achievement as I cant stand those things normally!

By this point we were bursting at the seams so there was time for one more Bellini before we headed off for the evening. Now without even factoring the price of all this food being £30 (and that's with a glass of wine or beer as well), our meal at Rookwood Bar and 'Cue was amazing. I'd come any day of the week and pay full price, no questions asked. Their chicken is immense, the cocktails tasty and the surroundings relaxing and inviting. It's a winner all round. Heading into Liverpool for food? Plan ahead and book your table at Rookwood Bar and 'Cue and enjoy some of the best food at ridiculous value! You'd be Motherclucking mad not too!

 Do yourself a favor and head over to their website here and book a table and get down their as soon as possible!

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