Saturday, 16 April 2016


After a long day of sightseeing in Edinburgh it was time for us to hunt out a spot of lunch and what could be better than a spot of afternoon tea. Close to our hotel we had spotted Lovecrumbs, a delightful looking cake shop and decided to pop in for a little nibble. It was still quite busy when we walked into Lovecrumbs at around 3pm. Located on West Port, close to the Grassmarket area of the city centre, it seems to be attracting quite an eclectic crowd of young and old, students, families, tourists and locals.

 It seemed that everyone was looking for a bit of cake action this particular day but we luckily managed to grab a pair of high stools around the service area. It's such a delightful set up. A mish mash of vintage furniture and knick knacks filled the dining area whilst the cakes on offer are displayed in (what I would call) an old mantelpiece. A piano at the far side of Lovecrumbs acts as a table for two and you can even sit with your legs up inside the window and become Lovecrumbs very own living window display. It's quirky and fun with lots of little touches catching your eye here and there.

Reading up on Lovecrumbs, I learnt it was set up by two ladies, Rachel and Hollie who now head up a small team of female bakers, producing a random selection of cakes, tarts and other baked treats each day. There is no set menu although I'm sure a few best sellers and favorites will make their way in there on a daily basis. What you can see dotted around the shop on the mantelpiece, counter or in the window is what is being served today and once it has gone, then it is gone. I bet this is what has customers coming back time and time again hoping to either nibble on an old favorite or discover a brand new classic.

You can tell the bakes were handmade with love just by looking at them and it was almost impossible for me to choose from the selection on offer. We were nearly tempted by the chocolate, orange and pistachio tart but went for the pear frangipane tart instead. Now I love a good almond tart (my Bakewell is a favorite at home) and Lovecrumbs pear version was scrummy. The pastry was buttery, thin and crumbly and the filling soft and dreamy. The little chunks of pear decorating the top were perfectly baked, managing to retain a spot of firmness without becoming a leaky soggy mess on the top. I've found myself a frangipane rival!

I went for one of the lemon and poppy seed scones. They were deliciously crumbly, soft and moist with the crunch of those poppy seeds running right through them. The hint of lemon was subtle and balanced just right so it didn't overpower the flavors of the cream and jam. Those two bad boys were amazing. I'm not sure where the cream was from or if anything had been done to it to make it so delicious but it was divine. I can tell the jam was homemade or at least made totally from fresh ingredients as it was super fruity with little chunks of berries and seeds peppered throughout it. Best cream tea I've ever had (And I've been to the South West!).

Special mention to the tea as well. I went for the green tea and it was great as was the breakfast tea we ordered. Both were brewed with loose leaves popped into a giant tea bag and dangled into the cup on a toothpickish like implement. It a small thing but the presentation was so quaint and I loved the fact that they gave you a little flask of hot water so you could keep filling up your cup. I had about three cups and the green tea remained flavorsome with each one. Such great value for money. The tea leaves are available to buy in Lovecrumbs and if you want to treat yourself you should definitely by some. You can buy some of that delicious jam too! 

All this for just over £10. For Edinburgh that is a bargain and goes to show that if you step away from  the bustling city centre area on the other side of the castle you can pick yourself up some amazing home baked treats at an amazing price. We will be coming back to Lovecrumbs next time we are in Edinburgh to sample some of the other treats on offer in that tantalizing window. The quality in the cake, tarts and tea is clear to see and it's definitely comes from that personal, home baked touch that adds that bit of magic to each crumb. Go and hunt them out next time you're in the Scottish capital. If you love cake, you will Lovecrumbs!

There is no menu and you can't book a table (that part of the charm!) but if you want to learn more about Lovecrumbs click here and head over to their website!

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