Sunday, 29 October 2017


The weather on Lopud is on the whole, gloriously clear and warm however on our trip to the island this year we unfortunately had one day were the storm clouds did roll over and it rained for near enough one whole day. Luckily for us we didn't have to wander too far to find something to eat in the rain as it gave us another opportunity to sample the delights of Mandrac just below our apartment at Villa Biramisa.

Normally we would make the most of the wonderful weather of the region and dine al fresco when we visit Mandrac but as the storm raged on we took the chance to eat in the cosy and inviting dining area inside their small building located right on the sea front. There are not that many tables inside, the island is hardly a metropolis that needs a massive number of seats so whilst the inside area makes for an intimate setting it can get full pretty quick so don't be surprised if you get there to find all the tables taken especially on a grim day like today. Luckily we sat down at a table for two in the corner and began to have another look at that delicious menu.

I started with the Adriatic shrimp cocktail. I knew I wasn't going to get your traditional prawn cocktail that you get served up on Christmas day but I wasn't expecting the long narrow plate of huge plump prawns to arrive at the table as they did. Yes, the presentation is very retro but that is soon forgotten as you bite into your first delicious prawn. Underneath the shrimps and the crisp green lettuce is a subtle marie rose sauce, just enough the dip your prawns in without the whole thing becoming a soggy mess whilst a selection of black olives separate each little shellfish. Simple but that is all you need when the quality of the prawns is this good.

Our vegetarian dish for the evening was the vegetables with pasta. I was expecting this to arrive at the table as the normal pomodoro style pasta you see in many restaurants in the area, spaghetti slathered with a thick tomato sauce but once again Mandrac let their ingredients do the talking for them. The pasta was cooked perfected, lightly tossed in a spot of olive oil and an array of vegetables. Vibrant tomatoes and peppers sat nestled between the spaghetti and whilst you may think that sounds a bit dry, the juiciness of the vegetables along with the light olive oil dressing on the pasta bring the whole plate together and those flavors simply dance across your tongue with each mouthful. 

Last year when we visited Mandrac there was a sign in the doorway that advertised their famous BBQ ribs. I never got round to trying them then but this year I wasn't going to let them pass me by so I ordered a portion for my main. It was well worth the year long wait. The ribs were cooked to perfection. The meat literally slipped away from the bones as you pulled them apart to reveal the juicy, perfectly cook meat between each bone. The BBQ sauce on the ribs was sticky and sweet but with just the right amount slathered on top to stop it from being messy to eat. The chips on which that sat on were clearly homemade and made perfect dipping material for every last drop of the BBQ sauce you could find. 

There is always room in my eyes for a little dessert and on a rainy day like today there was only one option; warm chocolate lava cake. It arrived at the table in one piece looking, as they do like a little mountain of chocolaty goodness but the magic happens once you drop a fork through that bad boy. Out of the centre of the cake spills a gooey warm chocolate sauce. It's so sexy to watch and even more sensual to eat. I was in heaven. The top of the cake is sprinkled with a handful of finely chopped nuts to add a bit of texture to the dish whilst a nice big dollop of vanilla ice cream slowly melts as the dish goes on to offer a cooling sensation to contrast with the warm chocolate innards of the lava. 

This was the forth time we had been to Mandrac and once again I cannot fault anything. This truly is a magical place. The weather on Lopud may of been off the evening that we had this visit but there was nothing off about the quality of the food as well as the great, relaxed service and amazing value for money. If only we could enjoy this food every time there was a rainy evening back in Liverpool!

For more information on Mandrac please click here to visit their Facebook page and if you are thinking about a holiday next year that is relaxed and chilled then why not try Lopud and book a room at the amazing Villa Biramisa just above Mandrac. I highly recommend them so click here and give them a little look. It's like a little piece of paradise in the Adriatic!

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