Monday, 1 January 2018


Now I know I’ve already posted a recipe for guacamole before but this is my new take on the Mexican sauce to try and be a smidge more authentic having been inspired by Rick Stein's TV series about his road trip to Mexico. It’s a simple guacamole without any bells and whistles that you bash up using a pestle and mortar followed by a fork before seasoning to taste. No machines used here which is a good thing as your guacamole not only tastes better with its more interesting texture but also because you know you’ve put the effort in! 

Now if you want a guacamole with more things in it such as tomatoes or garlic then check out my original guacamole recipe by clicking here. Whilst it’s super delicious and great for more fussier folk who may need more familiar flavors in their guacamole, this new recipe is great if you really want the fresh flavors of the creamy avocado and spicy jalapeno to be the stars with a little supporting role from lime and coriander. 

You’ll need a large pestle and mortar for this recipe and if you don’t have one I strongly advise you invest in one, not just for this recipe but for all the fun that can be had bashing the hell out of herbs and spices. Recipe below with serve 4 as a side or two as a dip with some tortilla chips!

Handmade Guacamole

1 Finely Chopped Deseeded Jalapeno
1/2 Large Finely Chopped Red Onion
Large Pinch Of Sea Salt Flakes
3 Avocados
Juice Of 1 Small Lime
Handful Chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves
Cracked Black Pepper To Season

  1. Start by placing the chopped jalapeno and red onion in your mortar along with the sea salt flakes and bash everything together until a very loose paste has formed. Transfer the paste to a large bowl.
  2. Peel and remove the stones from the avocados and add the flesh into the bowl, using a fork to break up the flesh into smaller chunks before mixing everything together. 
  3. Add in the lime juice, coriander and a good pinch of black pepper and  give everything a good mix together. Taste and add more seasoning, lime juice or coriander to taste.
It's up too you how smooth you want your guacamole so you can keep mixing everything together until it's smooth and creamy but I much prefer the big bits of avocado flesh in my guacamole so I keep it quite chunky. It's always best to make a guacamole just before you plan serving it as it can start to go off very quickly but if you do make it in advance then pop one of the stones into the bowl (apparently this helps it stay fresh for longer!), cover with film and pop into the fridge for later. I love the spicy kick of the jalapeno in this guacamole which works so well with the fresh burst of flavor from the coriander and lime. There's no frills but it's fab!

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