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Many moons ago I said to Jon that I fancied a frittata. At the time Jon did not."Oh well!" I thought, "maybe some other time". This turned into some kind of in joke between us both that any time we saw a frittata being made on TV or in a magazine that we'd say that some day maybe I'll get my frittata. Well today is the day folks. This is my garlic and chili jam frittata stuffed to the brim with asparagus, mushrooms and (for that spicy kick) jalapeno pepper, all topped off with salty feta. My dream has finally come true!

Of course with this recipe we are talking about a lot of spice what with the chili jam and jalapeno so if your not a fan of spice then it probably not the meal for you. However if you don't mind a bit of a kick then you can leave out the jalapeno pepper for a milder affair.

I find this recipe is great for using up leftovers too. Throw in any veg you have knocking around in your kitchen and sprinkle over any bits of cheese that you have in your fridge to grill off on the top, I great end of the week treat to clear you out before your next big shop. The veg and cheese I've used below are flavors that I prefer but its all about the experimentation so throw in whatever you have and just give it a go. 

A fab recipe that has it's heart firmly place on the mantra of "Love Food, Hate Waste".

 Fiery Frittata

1 Large Potato (Cut Into Small Cubes)
6 Spears Of Large Asparagus
6 Medium Eggs
3 Tbsp Chili Jam
1 Finely Diced Medium Onion
2 Grated Cloves Of Garlic
1 Finely Diced Jalapeno Pepper
6-8 Chopped Medium Chestnut Mushrooms
Hand Full Feta Cheese

  1. Boil up a pan of salted water and throw in your potatoes and simmer until you can glide a knife through them. Throw in your asparagus and simmer for 3 minutes. Drain and run under cold water to stop them cooking further and leave to one side to cool.
  2. Crack open the eggs into a bowl and spoon in the chili and butter. Mix until well combined and the eggs are beaten. Leave to one side.
  3. Pop your oven on to 200 degrees (180 fan) and place a largedeep sided oven proof pan on a medium heat with a smidge of olive oil.
  4. Throw the onion and garlic into the pan and fry until the onions begin to go soft then add in the chili and mushrooms and fry until the mushrooms begin to go soft.
  5. Throw in the potatoes and asparagus and fry for two minutes to warm them through.
  6. Make sure you have an even spread of all the veg before pouring through the egg mixture. The eggs should just cover the veg. If not beat another egg, add and repeat until it does.
  7. Leave on the heat until the begins to cook in the centre of the pan. Sprinkle over the cheese before transferring to the oven. Bake until the sides of the frittata are firm and there is a slight wobble in the centre, about 15 minutes or so but keep an eye on it. If the cheese starts to get too brown cover the frittata with some foil.

Remove from the oven and if you want to put on a show then present your frittata in the pan on the table. Your diners can then tuck in and help themselves, great for the kids to get there hands stuck in. You can serve it on its own if your having large portions or a nice cold salad or my potato and mustard medley would be a perfect accompaniment

And as Gabrielle said; "Dreams can come true!"

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