Saturday, 7 November 2015


With the continual growth and regeneration of Liverpool city centre and the addition of more and more food outlets opening every month you sometimes forget about those guys who have been slogging it out in the area for years. One such venue is Chaophraya Thai Restaurant. We've been to this established restaurant several times in the past but had been a while since we had been through it's doors. Looking for somewhere to dine one evening, we decided it was time to go and check them out again and see if they can still hold their own against the new kids on the block.

Situated on top of the busy Liverpool one shopping centre, we entered to take our table reservation and were greeted by the incredibly friendly and attentive staff. From the off you cannot fault the guys and girls at Chaophraya in terms of their appearance and manner. They have always been and still are immaculate and on point when it comes to their service. Chairs were pulled out, napkins placed on our laps and the fan like menus promptly presented to us, I already felt like nothing was going to be too much trouble for any of them. Full marks to the wait staff!

At evening time, stepping into Chaophraya is like stepping into a gorgeous oriental mansion. Simple black walls and flooring might sound dingy but when you add in the gorgeous glass lighting and touches of the east in the decor it really does look stunning. The sound of lapping water from what appears to be a fish filled river creates a serene atmosphere that transports you to a far off land. You could almost think you are dining next to the Mekong.

Onto the food. We strayed away from the bargain-tastic two course lunch menu to choose form the main evening menu. For starter we had to pick an old favourite. Chaophraya's sweetcorn fritters are one of the main reasons why we come back time and time again and they were still as delicious as always. Packed with kernels of corn encased in a fluffy batter, once dipped in the accompanying sweet chili sauce they really come to life. This type of starter can horrendous if made poorly but there are no worries of this happening here. I also like that they are just simply served on a banana leaf. No faff, the fritters do all the talking. Classic!

Equally light and fluffy were my Thai fish cake. Thai cuisine is known for it's fish cakes and these bad boys are a good representation of them. They were not overly fishy and so perfect for my taste and the addition of the peanuts in the dipping sauce and small cucumber salad on the side add that little bit of crunch and texture that would be missing from the dish otherwise. The star for me though would have to be the little crispy flakes of seaweed. I love seaweed and welcome it's addition to most meals and that added saltiness it brings to the table ties everything on the plate together in a nice neat bow. A fabulous start to the meal.

Onto the mains starting with this vegetarian main of tofu Pad Thai, a dish so classic to Thailand that they put it in the name. Well to start the portion was massive so there  was no worries that anyone was going still be hungry after the meal. The tofu was cooked perfectly and it's soft texture worked in contrast with crunchy spring onions and carrot strips. The noodles fried in a tamarind sauce are lip-smackingly good and the little cubes of pickled turnip nestled on top offer a small burst of palette cleansing freshness to prepare you for your next big fork full. Chaophraya know how to make a Pad Thai, a great choice for veggies!

My main was the teriyaki lamb. Served at the table on a sizzling plate, the sauce is poured over the lamb at the table to add a bit of theatre to your meal which I found to be a nice touch. I had asked for my lamb rare and it was spot on. It might as well of been butter the way that my knife glided through the flesh which melted in my mouth. Absolutely stunning.The teriyaki sauce is rich and sweet but there is just enough on the plate to prevent it being too sickly and the big chunks of chopped onion and the crispy spring onions are perfect for mopping up every last drop. I couldn't fault it in any way other than I wanted more!

After eating a mountain of Pad Thai there was certainly no room left for dessert so it was time to leave. I happily paid our bill and left with a great feeling knowing that Chaophraya had not lost any of it's magic. Food and service were equally as fantastic as each other as it always has and I'm sure it always will be. I can say for certain that whilst this may of been one visit out of many previously, it certainly won't be the last.

Visit Chaophraya's website and book a table now - you won't regret it!

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