Wednesday, 18 November 2015


When I get in late from work I don't need persuading to go for the easy option and get in a takeaway. Liverpool Pizza Slice situated in the Aigburth area of the city has just opened and begun to deliver so we decided to stray away from the big pizza giants and see what this local independent had to offer instead. So yes, this is a review of a takeaway. Don't worry, I haven't gone mad. This is a food blog designed for getting good food out there so let me say this from the off, Liverpool Pizza Slice delivered me one of the finest pizzas I've had not just in Liverpool but in the whole of the U.K. Let me tell you why:

Firstly, food isn't just about the taste but the whole experience. We ordered our pizza and was told the pizza would be with us in 1 hour 30 minutes. 45 minutes later our delivery was at the door! Speedy = Excellent especially when your starving. The driver had even managed to follow the directions to get to our door (we live at an awkward address, don't ask!), a first for any takeaway delivery we have ordered from in the city. Our delivery man even wanted to take our pizza up to the flat. I politely declined but it was nice that he asked and made a change from the normal miserable delivery guys who sully our door. Cannot fault the service in any way!

Second is the main event, the pizza. A-Maz-Ing. An 18inch pizza for £16.95 (at time of writing) is good value in my eyes and the UFO sized Italian classic that sat inside our box was like something from another planet. You could tell it had been made with homemade dough and prepared on site.

You can just taste the freshness. There was just something special about it compared to what you would get from a larger national chain. We built our own pizza. It had spicy pepperoni which had a right old kick too it which I really liked but beware if your not a fan of spicy food! Beautiful wild mushrooms nestled in amoungst strips of green pepper and sweetcorn all sat upon a bed of cheese. Delicious cheese. Cheese that wasn't swimming in grease. Just the right amount of yummy cheese!! Everything just aligned to create a pizza just brimming full of wow!

You might think you are not hungry enough for a whole pizza and want to go for just a slice or two. Well just bear in mind that your definition of a slice of pizza and Liverpool Pizza Slice's definition might be miles apart. I ordered a few slices of the spiced chicken pizza and they were huge. Massive strips of chicken and melty soft halloumi again sat on top of a bed of cheese and tomato sauce whilst a smattering of chili flakes kept things hot and spicy making everything pop in my mouth with more of that fire that I adore. Again, at £2.95 a slice (at time of writing), phenomenal value for money.

We also got a spot of garlic bread alongside our pizza-fest (Don't shout at us, we thought those slices were going to be small, how wrong were we!). Again, the dough was fantastically fresh and thin whilst the cheese was grease free. There was just the right amount of garlic to keep vampires at bay without begin so overpowering it would scare away the missus and I think it was oregano sprinkled all over the top to give a herby freshness to the whole affair. This my friends, was £1 a slice. How these guys are making any money I do not know, these prices are insane!

That's the third and final plus point. The price. You may of picked up on it but for the quality of the pizza I think it's an absolute bargain especially the slices which are bordering on being nearly quarter of the size of a whole 18 inch pizza. With free delivery on orders over £20 that's just one whole pizza and a few bits of garlic bread and your sorted. Think about this next time you're hungry, need to feed a hoard and are a bit strapped for cash!

So if you factor in speed of delivery, the quality of the pizza and the price you have three reasons why Liverpool Pizza Slice should be the number one choice for all scousers with a craving for a takeaway. Try them and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Check out their webpage for more info on what's on offer and how to order!

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