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Pizza can often get a bit of bad reputation in the foodie world, whether that's because they have now become associated with dodgy takeaways you'd only dream of going too at 3am in the morning after a night out on the ale or because of the uninspired versions that get churned out at chain restaurants up and down the country. It can be really hard to find the real McCoy but Crust Liverpool hopes to change that perception by "pushing boundaries" with the Italian classic. Quite a bold statement I thought so when I feeling peckish one lunchtime and was passing by it seemed like a good idea to try to see if the goods matched up to the claims!

As we traveled up Liverpool's ever regenerating bold street and entered Crust on a particularly horrific rainy Saturday afternoon we were quickly taken to a table so we could dry off and check out the menus. Exposed brick work and the dangling metallic lampshades over the open plan kitchen make for a setting that's verging on hipsterish (especially when a jazz version of "Oops I Did It Again" came on over the music - whats that about please folks!) but thankfully the relaxed and friendly staff alongside the bright and chilled out atmosphere really put you at ease.

We started our meal with a few antipasti to start. Me and my buddy decided to share two plates beginning with the cheese and garlic focaccia. For me it was more like a cheesy flatbread then what I would consider a focaccia even though I've been informed by an Italian work colleague of mine that Crust's version is actually more authentic. Not that I'm complaining, the focaccia was deliciously crisp and gave a satisfying crunch as you took your first bite whilst there was the right balance of cheese and garlic to prevent the topping from being too greasy or overpowering. Perfect size for sharing between two as well! 

For our second plate we went for Prosciutti Di Parma. I love cured meat, they remind me of Christmas when the cheeses and chutneys come out at the end of the long day. This Parma ham was delicious with the right amount of sharp saltiness to it. The buffalo mozzarella however was the star of the plate. That gorgeous globe of cheese was so soft and creamy that it near enough melted in your mouth. Together these two gems work together to create a starter that is not only great to share but would also make an excellent appetizer for a particularly hungry solo diner as well.

Onto mains and whilst there is pasta, wraps and salad on the menu, we couldn't really come to crust without having a pizza. Choosing the original crust (there are other options charged at a supplement!) my buddy went for this "nduja" creation with crisp slices of spicy salami sitting alongside the eponymous meaty chunks of nduja sausage scattered over the top. The spice is not overly strong which is great for a lunch time meal, the cheese on the pizza was gooey and soft whilst there was just enough tomato sauce to keep things moist but not soggy. The base was thin and crispy which was great after all those starters as it was less filling than a stodgy deep pan pizza. 

I went for the Italiana on an original crust. This gluten free treat arrived at the table and looked pretty as a picture. I already knew that the ham and buffalo mozzarella scattered on top were going to be yummy from the starters but sitting them along side the cherry tomatoes and rocket was sublime. My friend thought I was mad for liking rocket on pizzas but I really enjoy the pepperiness it brings to the pizza. Those little tomatoes though we're something else. So vibrant in color, they practically burst with with flavor as you popped them into your mouth. A truly delightful lunch that I really wish I could of took my leftovers home for later.

With bellies full of pizza we couldn't manage a dessert this time around so we paid our bill and headed off to enjoy the rest of the day. "Pushing the boundaries?" I'm not sure about that but they certainly are producing some of the best pizzas in the city. The topping's are super fresh and packed with flavor and the pizza bases are cooked to perfection. If you are looking for a relaxing and informal environment to enjoy a good pizza with some friends then Crust has got it covered!

Find out more about Crust Liverpool and their Italian treats by heading over to their website via this link here!

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