Sunday, 23 October 2016


We're back in the big smoke this weekend and with tickets to see a show at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park we needed to find somewhere nearby to have  pre show nibble. How lucky for us then that Street N4 should be located right next door. When we saw that it sold burgers and burritos we were instantly sold so off we popped on the tube to go and see if the food tasted as good as it sounded.

Street N4 is super close to Finsbury Park tube station. Just head out the station, past the bowling alley, under the bridge and then follow the signs for the Park Theatre and you're there. You can't miss it really, there is a massive neon sign screaming Street N4 as you approach. Stepping inside we were greeted by the staff and taken over to our bench like table. The interior of Street N4 is a bit like a comic book fan opened their garage, graffiti-ed some walls and turned it into a restaurant. Very "pop up" like in a way but I loved the simplicity of it all. We ordered two (massive!) pints of lager, a local beer called Camden Town Hells Lager. A proper refreshing beverage it was too and it's great to see local produced being supported.

Time to order our food now and there is basically three options to choose from; burgers, dogs or burritos. There are sides and little extras you can get to pad out your meal. We did just that and ordered some as fries and onion rings but be warned; some of the burgers looked ginormous as I saw them leave the pass so don't go too overboard with your extra's or you'll be rolling out the door at the end of your meal. My one criticism of our meal would be that our onion rings were slightly too greasy but as I was on a weekend vacation I didn't really care about the diet and got stuck in!

Onto our main meals and don't let all the talk of giant burgers and hot dogs worry you if you have a vegetarian at your table as there are plenty of options on the menu that are meat free. It's great to see a veggie burger that isn't just a portobello mushroom on a bun (although that is on the menu as well if you like that sort of thing!). This veggie patty was made with mashed spiced chickpeas and was delicious served with oodles of melted cheese, tomato and gherkins (yes!) in a soft bun. If they are made in house I'd love the recipe for it as we'd eat them all the time if we could! 

My dinner was a naked pulled pork burrito. As this mountain of food arrived at the table I couldn't wait to stick my face in it, it looked amazing. Careful if you choose the spicy sauce, it does pack quite the punch (you have been warned!).  I added guacamole for an extra pound and it was refreshingly cool just like the tomato salsa on the board. The pork was moist and juicy and I literally couldn't get it in my mouth any quicker. The rice, melted cheese, black beans and sour cream bring everything together to make an incredible Mexican indulgence that put a big smile on my face. 

Unfortunately, our tickets for the theatre meant we didn't have time to indulge in dessert. I wish we had as I saw slabs of brownie and piles of churros leaving the kitchen that looked divine. Maybe next time and I hope there will be a next time. Street N4 is an effortless cool little eatery hidden away from the hustle and bustle of central London and I'm so glad that we stumbled across it. Great local beer, a friendly team working the dining area and most importantly some incredible food. Don't wait until you have tickets to the theatre to come here, get on over to Street N4 as soon as you can and prepare to give them a standing ovation!

For more information about Street N4 head on over to their website here or if you like a bit of food porn, take a look at their Instagram here and get ready to salivate all over the place.

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