Thursday, 23 July 2015


Our dear friend Ingrid commented on one of my posts recently suggesting I gave this a go. Curry powder, thyme and salt baked wedges! She said it was a right treat and she certainly was not lying. I've add some chili and garlic into the mix as well for extra oomph. I'm not sure if this is how she makes them but I've taking her idea, ran with it and given birth to these fluffy yet crispy bad boys and so I dedicate this recipe to her for giving me the inspiration. X 

It's at this point I'd tell you alternatives you could use in my recipes but this is not my jam to be playing around with. What I will say is that you should use a good old Maris Piper, the king of potatoes when it comes to wedges, choose a curry powder of a heat you enjoy and if you wish to tinker with the rest of the recipe feel free too but I implore you not too. 

That is because these curry wedges are spot on! Try them at least once and see if you fall in love with as much as I did. Recipe is for two people but you can scale up or down the quantities if required basing it roughly on around 1 large potato per person.

Curry Wedges

2 Large Potatoes Cut Into 8 Wedges Each
Good Glug Of Vegetable Oil
1 Tbsp Thyme Leaves
2 Crushed Garlic Cloves
1 Large Halved Red Chili
1 Tbsp Curry Powder 
Salt And Pepper To Season

  1. Start heating your oven to 200 degrees (180 fan).
  2. Place the potato wedges in a pan of boiling water and boil for 8 minutes.
  3. Whilst the potatoes boil, line a baking tray with foil and add in a good glug of oil. Add in the thyme leaves, garlic and chili and when the potatoes are on the last three minutes of the boil place the tray in the oven to heat up.
  4. When the potatoes have boiled, drain them in a colander and give them a little shake to fluff up the wedges. Don't bash them about, you don't want them to fall apart.
  5. Carefully remove the tray from the oven and tip in the wedges. Sprinkle over the curry powder and then toss everything together with a spoon so the wedges are all coated in oil. 
  6. Place the tray back in the oven and roast for 40-45 minutes, shaking the tray and giving the wedges a little gentle toss every 15 minutes or so until you can stick a fork through the wedges and they are golden and crispy on the outside.
Remove from the oven and make sure you give them a little dab with some kitchen paper to remove any excess oil and serve straight away to ensure the maximum amount of crunch is retained as they become cooler. I liked them dipped into a bit of mayo as it works as a brilliant cooling contrast to the warmth of the wedges and the spice kick from the curry powder. 
It's a combination of seasonings and spices that just seems to work really well and I'm so happy Ingrid told me about it because these wedges are going to be a regular occurrence in my kitchen from now on!

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