Wednesday, 1 July 2015


You might find this bizarre what with me being a total foodie but I have a proper aversion to eating
raw fruit. It's a texture thing more than a flavor thing. I just can't handle it! Blend it into a smoothie though and I'm sorted. With summer here and a beach body needed to be achieved before October and the super warm days now upon us here in the UK, here is my first summer smoothie recipe. a simple strawberry, lime and banana connection that's great to get down you at breakfast time or as a refreshing afternoon treat!

Just the one note: I've used 0% fat Greek yoghurt. The 0% fat is clearly a good thing but I like the smoothness and  thickness it gives to the smoothie. You can use plain yoghurt or milk instead if you wish, the Greek yoghurt is just my top recommendation.

Let's get this smoothie party started! Recipe below makes around 500ml. You can scale up if you wish to make more.

Strawberry, Lime And Banana Smoothie

3 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt 
1 Tbsp Runny Honey
Juice Of One Lime
2 Ripe Bananas
8 Medium Sized Strawberries

Place all the ingredients in a blender, food  processor,whatever you use to whiz up your smoothies in the order as written above and blend until at the desired consistency.

Ta dah! How simple is that. Enjoy a glass now and then store the rest in your fridge. If you have the space it's great to decant the smoothie into individual serving cups so you can simply dive into the fridge and grab yourself a portion of this super sweet smoothie. Packed with strawberry and banana flavors with a subtitle zing coming from the lime juice even the most fruit averse folk like me are going to crazy for this scrummy smoothie.

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