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So I've shared my perfect nut roast recipe earlier in the month and let me tell you something, it's well lush. However sometimes, try as you might you can't always eat wants in front of you especially if you have issues with portion control like I do. This recipe uses all your left over nut roast and the trimmings from your Sunday roast and transforms it into a fabulous next day meal. A delicious dinner and no waste. It's a win/win situation all round really!

Now this is a recipe completely designed to use leftovers. That's veg you haven't cooked and have lying around, your leftover nut roast and stock made out of left over gravy. It's a rough guide but feel free to throw in other veg you have leftover, make fresh gravy/stock if you need it or buy in a few extra spuds to make more mash topping.

Look what you have, read my guide and then get your thinking cap on. Cooking is all about being creative and thinking on your feet so don't feel like you need to be rigid with this recipe. Leave things out, add stuff in, it doesn't matter. I won't come and tell you off I promise.

If you do want to make something from scratch though take a look at my Cottshep pie recipe for more inspiration. If not, grab your leftovers and let's get those creative juice flowing:

Leftover Nut Roast Pie

1 Peeled And Chopped Large Onion
1 Grated Garlic Clove
2 Peeled And Chopped Carrots
Whatever Nut Roast You Have Left
Whatever Gravy You Have Left
1 Veggie Stock Cube (If Needed) 
Salt And Pepper To Season
1 Tbsp Dried Green Herbs (If Needed)
4 Largish Jacket Potatoes
1 Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp Milk
1 125g Mozzarella Ball
1 Tbsp Paprika

  1. Throw the onion into a lightly oiled frying pan with the garlic and carrots and fry until the onions have softened slight before crumbling in the left over nut roast and fry for a further five minutes.
  2. Tip in the left over gravy and pour in some boiled water until the liquid just covers the ingredients in the pan and stir so thin out the gravy. Taste. If the liquid tastes too watery then crumble in a veggie stock cube and stir again.
  3. Season with the salt and pepper and taste again. The flavourings of the nut roast should of herbified the stock but if you think it's lacking some flavor then add in 1 tbsp of dried herbs, something you used in the nut roast to compliment or a mixed Italian herb will work best.
  4. Once your happy with the flavouring, bring everything to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for around 25-30 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent anything catching on the pan.
  5. Whilst the filling simmer turn up your oven to 200 degrees(180 fan) and cut the potatoes up into quarters (peeled them if you like but I like the skins in my mash because I'm weird!). Throw the potatoes into a large pan of boiling salted water and boil for around 20 minutes until they are mashable.
  6. Drain the potatoes and then put them back into the warm pan off the heat with the butter, milk and the mozzarella ball ripped into small chunks. Mash until you have a smooth mash potato and then leave to one side.
  7. Transfer the simmering nut roast filling to an oven proof dish and then spoon over the mash potato to seal it all in. Sprinkle over the paprika and then place in the oven for around 30 minutes before swapping it over to a grill for around ten minutes to brown and crisp the potato.

Serve big spoon fulls up to your hungry diners. This differs from your normal "Cottshep" pie as you will have the added hit of nuttiness from the nut roast right through the filling which really gives it an edge. To think you have baked that with the majority of left overs from your Sunday dinner! It just goes to show that with a bit of creative flair there is never an excuse for left overs. Just make sure you eat it all. I don't have a leftover leftover nut roast pie recipe! Not yet anyway. Stay tuned folks!

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