Saturday, 14 November 2015


So it's noon and your peckish, where does one go to grab a spot of lunch in Liverpool's bustling city centre. Well if you're in the Chinatown area you might of noticed the Bagelry. This little cafe which specialises in (you guessed it!) bagels got my attention on social media recently so I decided to nip up Duke street and check them out!

It was a cold and blustery day as I headed through the arch and down Nelson street but as I stepped through the door it was like walking into a warm cuddle of a bunch of puppies. The set up is bright and inviting with wooden flooring and brick walls. The Bagelry still looks like its still slightly a work in progress but this somehow adds to the charm of the place. 

I headed over to the counter to order. It's simple, which bagel do you want and what do you want on your bagel! The bagels to choose from are proudly on display on the wall as they should be, they are all made on site and look incredible. Varieties such as sesame and poppy seed sit along side cinnamon and raisin delights so whether your in a sweet or savoury mood you're covered. Fillings also sound immense. There is black olive, chipotle chili and caper and dill for your savouries and indulgent sweet fillings such as sour cherry, chocolate and peanut butter. The choice is fantastic!

In the end I decided to go for the onion bagel with a garlic and spring onion filling. Well, I wasn't planning on kissing anyone until I got home! This was it, was the bagel going to be any good? Well quite frankly yes! It was perfect. You tell it's homemade. It was toasted and so was all crispy on the outside but still remained soft and fluffy once you broke through that crust on the outside. The garlic and spring onion filling is on the side for you which was a nice touch as it let you decide how much you wanted on your bagel. The balance of the garlic in the cream cheese was just right and not overpowering. In a word: Faultless

Now I say there is only bagels on offer but this is a lie. Some other sweet treats are available too. I spied some coconut macaroons and a naughty looking chocolate and almond cake but it was the lemon and poppy seed cake that really caught my eye. I love my lemon cakes and think I make a mean one myself but I would love the recipe for this one. It was super moist and right just about the right amount of lemony tang to not overpower everything and the textures of the cake crust and the poppy seeds prevent everything becoming a one note experience. I could of eaten another slice if I didn't have to head back to work. Yummers!

Don't have time to sit down and enjoy a bagel and a slice of cake with a cup of piping hot coffee? Don't worry, you can take some bagels home with you as well. I took four onions bagels home with me and for their quality, paying 70p (at time or writing) for each is an absolute bargain. Having to sit next to them sat next to me on my desk for the rest of that day with that smell of freshly baked bagel wafting up to my nose was like going through some kind of endurance test just to stop myself from ripping the bag open and scoffing them all down. I'm going to enjoy them today for lunch with a spot of smoked salmon and cream cheese. Can't wait!

Will I be back again? Most defiantly. I feel like it's one of those hidden gems that I really don't want to publish this post as I want less people to know about it so it can be my little secret. That would be doing the Bagelry an incredible injustice though as with the quality of the bagels and cake on offer they deserve all the success in the word. Why not head off the beaten track and go and enjoy one of the finest lunches in Liverpool you can experience today!

Check out their twitter page for more info and more mouthwatering pictures of Bagelry goodness!

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