Sunday, 13 April 2014


Last week I was delighted to be entered into Craving Curries curry of the week competition and even more delighted to win!

 Craving curries sell Indian spice kits with the aim of offering people a way of creating authentic curries packed full of flavor without the need of additives. I'm all for using fresh ingredients so I give them props for the ethics behind their products.

My prize was a pick of one of their spice kits and I was excited to give them a try. I chose the Makhani curry as I had never heard of that particular curry before and my kits was whizzed off to me in the post! 

Imagine my delight that just two days later I was greeted to the delivery of my curry kit. If that's the speed of all their deliveries then I applaud them! I opened the package and the smell of the spices that hit me was beautiful. I was already excited to give it a try. Along with the spices was a step by step guide to how to prepare my Makhani curry as well a recipe for making your own naan bread (signed off personally by Lauren, a nice touch!).

The recipe suggested using chicken however as normal I used Quorn pieces. After marinading my pieces overnight I began to follow the recipe provided with the kit. Being a bit of a rebel a deviated slightly from the recipe to suit my tastes (the butter it suggests to add would not of been good for the diet!) but the guide provided was incredibly simple and easy to follow. The delish smell of all the spices simmering away filled up my kitchen and it smelt immense. Once I'd simmered it I transferred over to my slow cooker to let the spices infuse to the sauce even more.

 Three hours later I dished up and it was incredible. The taste was a nice cream creamy curry that had a nice kick of spice as it hit the back of your mouth. I'm all for a spicy kick but if you prefer something milder I'd leave out the chilli's that were suggested to be added to the recipe. A Makhani was not a curry I had tasted before but I'm glad I chose it as it was delicious and defiantly something I'd look out for next time I go out for an Indian.

Don't be scared if you don't like spice at all though - they offer all different kind of curry kits from a mild Korma right through to "Red Hot Chicken" - all of which can be bought via their website here.

For speed of delivery, ease of cooking and the splendid taste they are defiantly the first foodie secret that I give the MattyB recommendation too. Check out Craving Curries today - you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Fantastic feedback for us! I feel so proud :-)