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Revolution bars have always been something that I associate with shot roulette and horrendous hangovers. It's certainly not the first place I would think of going too to enjoy a great meal. That was until we stumbled across Revolucion De Cuba in Manchester's thriving Deansgate area. Their fantastic South American spin off not only has the party vibe of your standard Revolution but has the eats that make it a great and affordable place to bring friends for tasty treats before tearing up the dance floor.

We arrived late afternoon on a bright and sunny Tuesday and the place was already buzzing with people crowded around the bar and with the samba-esqe South American tunes being pumped in, there was already a great atmosphere. We were taken straight over to a table that was far enough from the bar so you didn't feel cramped but close enough to still feed off the energy and chatter of the other thirsty folk.

We were instantly informed about the specials on offer that night and were immediately drawn to the "Zombie Face" cocktail, part of a trio of specials in place for a Tiki theme they were running at the time. Me and my dining buddy were off to the arena that night and ready to party so we instantly ordered two. Served in these fantastic glasses that I tried to convince my buddy to slip into her bag (Joke! We didn't! I promise!) I loved them. The bar specialises in rum with an extensive list on offer so I couldn't say what was in there but you have to get down there and try one before they disappear, although I urge them to consider making Zombie Face a permanent fixture.

Our cocktail adventure didn't stop there. Having spied one on a nearby table we next opted for the Tropical Punch serve in these very kitsch pineapple glasses. I called this a danger drink as it tasted just like a glass of that strange fanta you buy in chippys that tastes different from normal fanta. You forgot you were having a cocktail hence the danger to drink it super quick like I did. Defiantly one for those you like there cocktails fun and breezy.

The third and final stop in cocktail land was this ever so delightful Amaretto cocktail. Now we all know I love Amaretto flavours in my bakes so this was an absolute delight. Whilst still served in a jam jar it was a much more grown up affair compared to our other drinks showing that they can do more adult cocktails alongside their more frivolous offerings. Tasting to me like very alcoholic cola cube sweets, it was my favourite. I only wish I'd chosen it first. I could of quite happily of had three.

That was just a taster of the cocktails on offer and we had only scratched the surface. Of course they specialised in rum but their seemed to be something for everyone and what's even better, at the time of writing between 5 and 7 it was two for one cocktails, ideal for those getting their groove on like we were or those who need a lift after a hard days work.

I haven't even touch on the food yet the drinks were that good but they are certainly on par with each other. The menu certainly catered for all kinds of tastes but we were instantly drawn to the tapas. £28 for six plates at the time of writing seemed like an excellent deal so we deliberated and ordered.

What a treat was put before us. Served on two large boards and all excellently presented we dove right in. Nachos covered in chili and jalapenos were cooked just right and I was concerned as I've had some shockers in the past but I needn't of feared. Patas Bravas in that beautifully tomato sauce were light, fluffy and still piping hot, good work by the kitchen there! Quesadilla were stuffed with just the right amount of filling. Again I've eaten these in restaurants in the past and have been presented with a sloppy greasy mess but there was not a drop of oil in sight. Meatballs where plump and meaty and lime chicken skewers, whilst lacking the sparkle of the other plates were still moist and juicy. Star of the show had to be the pork belly skewers. Little cubes of fatty porky goodness which we were both fighting over. I could of quite happily eaten 6 plates of this had I of known how scrummy they would be. Obviously because of the fat on pork belly you either love it or hate it but if your firmly in the love team I implore you make this at least one of your pick of six. Why, I'd say order two to make sure there is enough to go round.

If your not a tapas fan however then do not worry. Diners at the next table ordered some burgers which were the size of sky scrapers so it's anything to go buy everything is of incredible quantity, value and most of all quality - I heard our neighbours exclaiming about how tasty their food was too.

I can't think of anymore adjectives to stress how delicious every thing we ordered was, drinks and food. Not only that but service was spot on, our waitress had great knowledge of the specials and could answer any of our questions regarding the cocktail, even telling us a story about someones hair going on fire when making one of the flaming cocktails. Most of all the value of money and the sheer volume of food means I'll never turn my nose up at the name "Revolution" again and I promise if you take a leap of faith next time you in Manchester, you'll have a stuffed belly and a happy face too!

Now just bring one to Liverpool please! For more information take a look at their website here!

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