Monday, 9 February 2015


My good friend Sarah James, creator of the fantastic blog "Tales From The Kitchen Shed" has done it again. Not only content with creating the best bread roll recipe I have ever made (Ted's Rolls - check them out if you haven't already!) but she has only gone and gone one better with these "Healthy Digestive Biscuits". I loved the sound of them so I took advantage of a Monday day off to give them a whirl. Were they as good as they looked? By jolly they were and then some!

As I sit here writing this my flat is filled with the smell of these gorgeous little biscuits. It's better than any air freshener you could ever buy. That's the first plus point. The second, and best point comes from the taste. Oaty and buttery, they simply crumble and melt in your mouth in a way that a shop bought digestive has never done to me before. They are an absolute triumph. 

Any regular home baker will have most of the ingredients to make these little circular bites of heavenly brilliance in their kitchen and I manged to whip up 30 of them in less than an hour and a half so there really is no excuse not to give them a go.

Sarah - From one food blogger to another, I salute you! Go an check out this and many more incredible recipes at her blog "Tales From The Kitchen Shed". It will be the best thing you do today!


  1. So glad you enjoyed my Healthy Digestives, homemade biscuits are so much better than shop bought & yours look fab, I love the addition of chopped fruit. A big thank you for recommending them Matty xx

    1. Always a big fan of homemade Sarah and thank you for your fab recipe. I hope everyone visits your site to give them a go :)