Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Anyone who loves meat has to love fried chicken. Well I know I do that's for sure! So when I heard Patterson's Chicken and Tunes bar had recently opened close to my work in Liverpool city centre, I knew I had to give them a try. So armed with an empty stomach, a friend and I headed off to see if the chicken described as "crispy, tender and so tasty" on their website stuck to its word.

Tucked away on Gradwell street, just away from the hustle and bustle of the Liverpool One shopping area, the front facade of Patterson's is so unassuming that if it wasn't for the sandwich board outside I would of been sure we were at the right place. Pushing open the door we entered the small bar area which already had a line of people watching the game and tucking into chicken at the bar. It was a wet afternoon so I expect it to be packed however the
size of Patterson's meant that even with the small amount of customers and noise of the television there was already a lovely atmosphere. My friends described the decor as that of a "skate bar" and I would have to agree with her description. The walls were lined with cartoon printed skateboards and classic Warhol pictures which help to add to the chilled out environment. It's a perfect venue for starting off your night catching up with friends. 

When your tag line is "chicken and tunes" you expect there to be chicken and Patterson's does what it says on the tin. The main event is the choice between either going for 500g or 1kg or fried chicken. They do mix it up slightly by offering chicken burgers and salads and a special mention to the use of halloumi for it's vegetarian options. Its great to see veggies catered too with something other than goats cheese or risotto! An array of sides are always on the menu to bulk out your meal with dipping pots, gravy and the obligatory chips helping add a bit of dimension to what would be a pure chicken fest. We settled on going all out and went for the full on 1kg of chicken and waited with baited breath.

As the chicken arrived, we couldn't wait to get stuck it. It looked amazing and the taste did not disappoint either. Patterson's are keeping the recipe for the coating a secret but I can confirm it was crispy and fell off the chicken without a smidge of grease. In my eyes it was spot on! The chicken was boneless, beautifully moist and melted in our mouths. The only thing that could of made it better for me would be if there was a hint of spice to the coating as I found it to be mild but then I do like my spicy food. We were literally fighting over who got the last piece! You could tell that this was no processed fast food rubbish. Near chicken based perfection in bucket!

Now for those worried that 1kg of chicken is way too much then do not panic. We were starving and managed to polish it off between the two of us no problem but if you do have a smaller appetite then I would suggest going for the 500g. If there are three or more of you then 1kg will be ample (you may even want a 500g top up!) especially with a selection of the sides to share around as well.

Lets talk about the sides. We were cautious not knowing how much chicken there was going to be so we went for the sea salt skinny fries and blue cheese and bacon slaw. The chips were gorgeous. Crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft in the centre and just the right amount of sea salt coating so that you didn't get that salty numb feeling you would get from the likes of a portion of Maccies fries. They are even better when dipped into some of the dipping pots. We chose the garlic aioli and chipotle mayo, both of which were yummy especially the aioli which was not overpowering in the slightest.

Removing the rocket and bacon crown from on top of the slaw revealed the crunchy chunky slaw which was the perfect foil for the chicken coating. I couldn't really taste the blue cheese but that's not necessarily a bad thing as the balance of all the flavors together was superb. When I return next time I would defiantly like to give the chicken gravy a go to see if it matches up others I have tried and the chili buttered sweetcorn mash would make a great alternative for those not in a chippy mood.

If I have one grumble it was that I couldn't try the "Rooms on Fire" cocktail due to the lack of cinnamon liquor which I find slightly bizarre giving that they are passionately promoting their cocktails on their website. That being said, my second choice of the "You're the Best" cocktail was a perfect palette cleanser to the chicken. A mix of pear and mandarin vodkas with fresh lime juice it was zingy and fresh without being overly sharp. A great cocktail for those who don't like theirs overly alcoholic tasting. Hopefully next time I can see if the "Rooms on Fire" is just as good.

At this point you might say we were suitably stuffed so there was no room to try the churros on offer for dessert plus we didn't want to be too bloated for our gig later that evening so off we popped. As I said earlier, I love fried chicken and Patterson's have got it down! If you a fan too and are looking for somewhere for an informal chin wag with some buddies over some delicious bird all watered down with scrumptious cocktails then make Patterson's your next stop. You'd be clucking mad not too!

Want to know more! check out their Website, Twitter and Instagram 

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