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Peanut butter based sweets seem to have finally made it over to the UK after being a firm favourite over the Atlantic for yonks. A treat brought back by those who had travelled over from the USA can now be enjoyed by us Brits but I always say homemade is better. Here is my recipe for my little chocolate peanut butter cups with popping candy topping. This recipe is so simple but it does require a bit of time as have to chill your chocolate cups to allow you to fill them with that peanut butter filling so make sure you have a bit of time before starting. 

The quality of the filling solely depends on the quality of your peanut butter so pick up the best you can afford. The popping candy topping is also just to create a bit of theatre for any kiddies you make these for so you can sprinkle over different toppings if you like such as chocolate sprinkles or hundreds and thousands. The decorating part is great for getting the kids involved too. Give them a jar of sprinkles and let them get shaking them over your peanut cups like a Polaroid picture.

Next, the coconut oil. Yes it can be pricey but it gives the chocolate a beautiful sweet taste that is to die for. Have a look online or in specialist food shops and try and grab yourself a few jars. Not so much in this recipe but it does have a lot of health benefits and it's great for using in stir fry's and Thai curries so don't think you'll be buying an expensive jar that will sit in your cupboard doing nothing when you have finished your peanut cups.

Finally I just want to mention about the little paper holders. Don't waste your money in cake and and shops on these. I found a pack of 60 in Home Bargains for 60p. Whizz round your local discount store and see if you can find some for cheap in your area too.

Right so let's get too it. It depends on the size of your paper holders but you should get approximately 30 peanut cups out of this recipe.

Poppin' Peanut Cups

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
250g Dark Chocolate
Approximately 150g Peanut Butter
55g Rainbow Popping Candy

  1. Heat the coconut oil on a medium heat until melted and warm. Break the chocolate into small pieces and add into the oil and stir until the chocolate is smooth and melted. Remove from the heat.
  2. Arrange the paper cases onto a plate and pour in around a tsp of the coconut chocolate mix into the base of each case so that it just forms a layer right across the bottom. Place in the fridge for around 45 minutes until the chocolate has become solid again.
  3. Once the chocolate bases are solid, spoon in a around a tsp of peanut butter onto each chocolate base making sure non of the peanut butter touches the sides of the paper cases. The peanut butter should also not be higher than the height of the paper cases so press down gently any tall blobs you may
  4. Reheat the coconut chocolate if it has gone solid so that it is smooth and melted again and then pour over another tsp of the chocolate mix so that it covers all the peanut butter and forms a flat top to each of the cups.
  5. Sprinkle the popping candy over each cup and then place back in the fridge again for another 45 minutes.

Press lightly on the top of one of the cups to make sure that they are solid or you can always unwrap on and give it a taste to see if it needs longer in the fridge. Once they are ready you can pop them on the table and tuck in. As you bite through the crunchy dark chocolate your mouth will begin to fizz away as the popping candy does its thing and the soft peanut butter filling will suddenly surprise your tongue as the chocolate melts in your mouth.

Your bound to go reaching for more than one but then again who can blame you, these little cups are poppin!

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