Friday, 1 May 2015


Bistro 1847 is one of my favorite restaurants in the UK. My review from last year gives you many reasons why. So when I heard they were trying to raise funds to open a new branch on my door step in Liverpool I had to help the only way I could by letting everyone know about their Kickstarter campaign to achieve their goal.

I've visited Bistro 1847 in Manchester several times and have adored the food. I'm not a vegetarian but every time I eat there I never miss the meat from my plate as the quality is totally top notch and it's great to see someone giving vegetarians a true dining experience having had to see them getting a raw deal with continual bean burgers, goats cheese and risottos on most restaurants menus.

Personally, their beer battered halloumi is something that I'll spend a life time recommending. If I had to pick a dish as my last supper this would probably be it. There is something about whatever they use in the batter and the way they cook it that makes you think you are actually eating battered "fish" you would get from the chippy but taken to a whole different universe. If there is a possibility that I would be able to get my hands on it more often then I'm going to do anything I can to make sure this happens.

Alas, I am not a millionaire so I can't bank roll the opening myself as much as I'd like too. However, the team at Bistro 1847 have launched their own campaign on Kick-starter to try and raise funds for the new opening. Might I just add at this point that they haven't asked me to promote this in any way, I just thought that as a blogger the best way I could help would be to put the cause on there on here for you all to read about and hopefully you can help to get this restaurant open in Liverpool and make me a very happy bunny. If I can't use my blogging powers for good then what can I do!

If you would like to help towards the oping of Bistro 1847 in Liverpool please click here to have a look at their Kick-starter page and if successful you can receive a little treat depending on the donation you make. Don't think you need to give thousands (although the dining experiences on offer would be breathtaking!), you can give a little and get yourself a little mug or apron out of it instead and nothing will be taken if they don't reach their target amount. Everyone likes little treats don't they?

Every little helps and I think Bistro 1847 will be a huge success in Liverpool. Click here to read my review of their Manchester branch and fingers crossed, there could be some very happy vegetarian scousers in the very near future.

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