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I had been dying to come to Mowgli for months! I love Indian food and ever since I first saw the menu online and listened to the high praise I had heard from friends and family it was time to see if this street food restaurant could live up to the hype.

Being unable to book a table online we arrived on an unusually sunny Wednesday in May worried about being able to get inside but we were delighted that we had arrived early evening just before the wave of diners finishing work would descend on Mowgli. I don't blame them for not having a booking system online as they had a continual stream of punters entering after we had arrived but I would suggest that you do head over before 6pm to avoid disappointment.

The three of us were taken to our table and it was time to take in the surroundings. Mowgli is furnished in keeping with it's food with it's wooden decor, hanging rope and caged lighting echoing an Indian street market but still manages to look urban and fresh. It's beautiful but still relaxed in a way that very much compliments the casual atmosphere inside.

First comes the important stuff, cocktails! There is an extensive list of drinks on the menu which all sound tantalizing and refreshing. We went for some chai rum cocktails which were prefect in the spring. Served with fresh mint and lime it was fruity with a hint of that chai spice I would actually say it was a danger drink is it went down so well that before I knew it I had completely drained my glass without realized. Defiantly my top drink choice if your unable to decide from the fantastic range on offer! 

The menu is presented very much in a tapas style. All dishes are made and come to you when they are ready so there are no starters and mains on the menu as such just a lot of delicious looking items to pick from. Our friendly server advised us to go for 2 of the dishes and one of the carbs (rice, bread etc) each if we were looking for a substantial meal but being one to not play by the rules we decided to go all out ordering around three dishes each. Well when you hear that somewhere is so good you want to try everything really don't you?

One of the items we went for was the Indian School Tiffin box. Perfect for the undecided, this uniquely presented selection of three vegetarian curry dishes served with one of the carbs (rice in our case). Ours was a potato curry, a chickpea version and a dahl all of which were a triumph. You could taste the care and attention that went into each dish. All the spices were well balanced and all the vegetables perfectly cooked and would of been the perfect size for a main course for one even though we all tucked into it together and at just £!0 at the time of writing, outstanding value for money!

Another particular standout and one that had been mentioned in the many recommendations we received was the Himalayan cheese on toast.  Served on a proper slab of bread, (as one's cheese on toast should be!) the sharp tang of the cheddar cheese was beautifully complimented by the cooling Indian pickle underneath and topped with a fresh crunch of chili, red onion and coriander. I think we could of quite happily of munch through ten portions of this on it's own and been just as satisfied. I actually did a little sad face when I realized it had all gone. Make this your first choice if you get a chance to come visit!

My friend who was joining us had also heard great things about the Fenugreek kissed fries so this was our second choice of the meal. Slightly deceptive in it's name as they are actually potato cubes rather than fries shaped but this did not matter. They were still super crispy on the outside and fluffy and white in the middle with the heat of the fenugreek and turmeric boosting the flavors of the Marsala dressing poured on top. Add to this some fresh red onion and coriander leaves and you have the finest definition I've ever experienced.

New to the menu but one that should defiantly stick around are these sticky chicken wings. Marinated in a molasses, cumin, mustard seed, garam masala and sprinkled with sesame seeds for added crunch these bad boys were certainly finger licking good. Sweet and living up to their sticky name the chicken fell away form the bone with the greatest of ease. In my eyes this is always the sign of a quality chicken wing. Make sure you grab yourself a portion just in case they don't become a regular feature but Mowgli would be fools to make that heinous decision!

Sticking with chicken and with their quirky name, a portion of "Angry Birds" was next to hit the table. Ideal for two sharing, it's clear that Mowgli have got their chicken down as once again it was beautifully moist and perfectly cooked. The tandoor spices blended with the garlic, yogurt and ginger gave them a gentle curry warmth which you could ramp up with the sliced chili they are garnish with. The silent hero in this dish however is the mustard seed slaw. Unassuming but crispy and sweet I think they should really make a feature of it more on the menu as it is scrummy. Not a patch on my Nan's of course but a close second!

The chicken fest was rounded off with a portion of "Mother" butter chicken. Mowgli's answer to the tikka marsala which as we all know is not an authentic Indian dish was perhaps the least exciting of the bunch but that would only be because everything else we had tasted so far was outstanding. Cooked in tandoori spices, the chicken cooked in a sweet tomato sauce once again melted in the mouth. Make sure you order some rooti to mop up any left over sauce, it's far to tasty to leave behind.

Last but by no means least were the Tamarind treacle ribs. Much like the chicken wings they were delightfully sticky with that meat once again slipping away from the bone. I was literally sucking the bones to get as much of the garlic, ginger, treacle and tamarind sauce into my mouth as I could. Another dish that had us fighting over who was going to get the last piece it's an excellent Indian twist on the BBQ spare rib and another fabulous choice if you want food to share (or you could eat it on your own. I know I certainly would!).

That is just what we ordered. If I was the size of a house then I could of really tried one of anything. Special mention should go to the "Keema Therapy" which Mowgli donate a percentage of every order to Clatterbridge which I think is a truly wonderful gesture. Desserts are on the menu and we went for some of the salted caramel ice cream cones but what with being as excited as a kid at the ice cream fan I actually ate mine without taking a picture (bad blogger!) but I can tell you it was creamy and a real naughty treat. If I had more room I would of sampled cardamon brownie as well but by that point I defiantly would of been pushing it!

So I think you may of guessed by now that yes, Mowgli did live up to the hype and then some. It is one of the best new restaurants to have opened in Liverpool thriving bold street area and is defiantly a stand out. Don't delay and make sure you get down here as soon as possible as I'm sure once more and more people become aware of how amazing this place is, you ain't going to be getting a table as easily as we did. Great for a get together with friends and for vegetarians, Mowgli is a scouse street food success story in the making!

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