Friday, 3 July 2015


My next installment of summer smoothie madness is this delicious mixed fruit version. What's great about this recipe is that it shows how you can boost the goodness of your smoothies using a mixture of both fresh and frozen mixed berries. The joint pleasure of this is that you get the fresh fruity burst of the fresh berries as well as the cold hit of frozen berries which gives an instant chill to the smoothie without the need for having ice cubes around which you may not always have in your freezer. From ingredients to glass in less than 5 minutes! Perfect!

Same rules apply as with my strawberry and banana smoothie recipe with regards to the yoghurt. I love using Greek but you can use a normal plain yoghurt or some milk instead if you would like a less thicker smoothie.

With the berries, I use 200g of fresh berries and 200g of frozen mixed berries which you can buy from the freezer section of your supermarket. If you like you can go all out and use all fresh berries but you may wish to throw in some ice cubes to chill your smoothie. In contrast you can also use all frozen berries if you wish I just find that adding in  fresh berries really makes the flavor of that particular berry really stand out.

 In my smoothie I used fresh blueberries and that was the main berry flavor I could get coming through the smoothie but if you prefer for instance the taste of raspberries then use fresh raspberries instead. Experiment and find a combination that works best for you.

Here's the guide. This will produce you 500ml of delicious berry goodness in smoothie form:

Mixed Berry Smoothie

4 Heaped Tbsp Greek Yogurt
200g  Fresh Berries
200g Frozen Mixed Berries
1 Peeled And Chopped Apple
1 Peeled And Chopped Banana

Place all the ingredients in a blender, food  processor,whatever you use to whiz up your smoothies in the order as written above and blend until at the desired consistency.

Yet again, so simple and so tasty. All those berries in your smoothie are just totally packed with fruity goodness that is just going to explode in your mouth upon first taste.I don't mind the seeds in the smoothie but if it's something your not fond of then pass the smoothie through a sieve to remove them all.

 Whilst you'll have a fab mix of berries in your smoothie there is defiantly one thing that won't be mixed and that's the reaction to it. That will always be 100% yum yum yum!

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