Saturday, 15 August 2015


Tzatziki is another one of those things that I really thought I didn't like, mainly because I'm not a fan of cucumbers. However when I made this Greek dip from scratch at home I was once again won over by an old adversary, it was delicious! I think the key is to remove some moisture from the cucumber before mixing it with the yoghurt, lemon, garlic, herbs and spices so that they have a bit of crunch and add texture to the tzatziki and preventing a sloppy mess. It certainly helped in making the only Tzatziki I've ever enjoyed!

First of all to keep with the Greek theme I've used Greek yoghurt as the bulk of the tzatziki. Its smooth, silkiness is perfect against those crunchy cucumber pieces. You can of course use plain yoghurt which will work almost as well and maybe even creme fraiche although that might be a bit sharp and thick so you might need to taste and adjust some of the herb/spice quantities in the recipe until you get the balance right. Greek yoghurt is so readily available nowadays though and really is the best choice so only swap it out for the above if it's a tzatziki emergency.  

For such a fresh and vibrant dip I would say try and use fresh herbs if possible however the use of dried versions is totally fine. I suggest really that you follow the recipe below and then adjust as you see fit. Think it needs more lemon? Squeeze some more in. More mint? Chop some more leaves and mix it in. Below is how I like it but it's really up for your interpretation.


 Half A Peeled and Deseeded Large Cucumber
1 Tsp Salt
250g Plain Greek Yoghurt
Juice Of Half A Lemon
1 Grated Garlic Clove
1 Tsp Chopped Dill
Handfull Chopped Mint Leaves
1/2 Tsp Ground Cumin
Salt And Pepper To Season
Sprinkling Of Cayenne Pepper

  1. Chop the cucumber into small cubes and place in a bowl. Add the salt and toss before leaving for around 10 minutes to allow some moisture to be removed from the cucumber. After the ten minutes, drain and dab with kitchen paper so as much liquid as possible has been removed.
  2. Add the yoghurt into a bowl along with the cucumber before adding in the lemon juice, garlic, dill, mint and cumin and mix everything together until well combined. Season with the salt and pepper and taste. Adjust the tzatziki in anyway you see fit. Sprinkle over a smidge of cayenne pepper to serve.
Serve with half of a lemon slice on standby so people can give the tzatziki a little extra squirt if they feel like it needs it. Of course you also need something to dip in it so some warm pitta breads and some fluffy falafel are perfect accompaniments for your tzatziki or if your having a really dirty day then a big bag of tortilla chips and a classic movie is that order of the day. The main thing for me though is that it goes to show that once again, trying a homemade version of something that you don't think your keen on can actually surprise you. If you think you aren't keen on tzatziki give this quick and simple version a go, if I liked it then you may do too!

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