Friday, 27 May 2016


For me, a lazy Sunday is all about tucking into a massive Sunday roast and if I had my way it would always be with a plump and juicy chicken. Therefore when it came to choosing somewhere to eat last Sunday in Liverpool, the tasty sounding chicken dishes on KO Grill's menu sounded like just what we needed, I mean sometimes you don't always want to cook that chicken yourself do you? So our decision was made and off we popped to Bold Street, Liverpool's continually expanding foodie hot spot to see if our wishes for a fabulous Sunday dinner could be fulfilled.

Offering a mix Indian and Pakistani food, KO Grill's mix of curries, grilled items and eastern favorites cooked in a tandoori oven aren't described in much detail on the menu which is very much in keeping with the simple decor. This is no frills dining yet everything is clean and crisp adding a touch of class to the proceedings and prevents KO Grill from just being a glorified kebab shop. Tables and boothed areas are arranged in an L shape facing the kitchen area which is where all the action is happening. Sat by the window we had a great view of the mouthwatering  food being finished off on the grill and the smell of BBQ in the air was enough is make anyone hungry.

I had a feeling this was going to turn into something special so I promptly got onto ordering our food. For our first starter we went for the falafel. Always a risky choice as they often be so dry and stodgy when made poorly however these four bad boys were anything but. The outside of the falafel were so crispy and golden brown and housed a piping hot and fluffy chickpea filling. The sauce it came with complimented the falafel perfectly. The love child of mayo and tzatziki, it was delicious and I'd love to know what it was! A delightful vegetarian start to the meal and a great opener.

We also decided to chose the chicken pakoras. These were such a bargain for the amount you got on the plate, it could really be shared between two people (as long as you refrain from fighting over the last piece!). You might be expecting your stereotypical pakora you find down on the curry mile, with lots of heavy batter and not much meat however, these nuggets are the complete opposite. The flour batter was hardly noticeable and gave a nice little delicate crunch to the chicken which in itself was moist and succulent. As a chicken fan, I was really pleasantly surprised!

Onto the mains and this is were it really kicked off. First came the mixed tikka grill. Arriving on a sizzling plate like a bubbling volcano was a mountain of chicken and lamb marinated in a spicy sauce (you can go mild or medium on the spice of you want) and finished off on the grill so that as you bite through each piece you taste that delicious charcoal like BBQ flavor to the meat. The meat was spot on, lamb cooked exactly to medium as requested and the chicken juicy and moist. A gloriously large tomato and chili join the party to add a touch more spice if you like it hot! What's more, this mountain of meat was so cheap (in my eyes!) that you can't say it's not value for money.

Same could be said for the baby chicken, ordered to fulfill my Sunday dinner cravings. If this is the baby chicken then he must of had big mummy and daddy as it was huge! Served again on a sizzling plate and finished off on the grill for that sensational BBQ flavor, the chicken fell straight off the bone, into my mouth and melted away leaving a big massive smile on my face. It was exactly what I wanted and if I wasn't with company I would of picked it up and sucked the bones dry. A grilled tomato and one of those massive chilies were present again if you want to spice things up more. Enjoy this as a feast for one or share it with some sides between two. 

Speaking of the sides, we ordered some rice and wedges to go with are meals (we didn't know how much food there was going to be when we ordered!). The rice came but the wedges did not. I'm bringing this up as when we mentioned this to the staff we were given the most sincere apologies and given the wedges complimentary by who I'm assuming may of been the manager. I think it's always great when any issues are solved in should a speedy and generous manner so extra points to KO Grill for it customer service!

 After all that meat there was no room left for any dessert so we paid up and headed on off to enjoy our evening. There are many things right with KO Grill. Firstly, the value for money is immense, everything is so affordable. Secondly, portion sizes are massive which further cements the value for money and finally, that tandoori oven and grill makes for some of the most delicious grilled meats in Liverpool. If you are thinking about visiting KO Grill then prepared to be Knocked Out!

Want a piece of the action? Head on over to KO Grill's website here to find out more information and to book a table.

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