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Having cooked vegetarian food regularly for at least ten years now it's always great when I see a new meat substitute product come onto the market. Quorn's latest offering is a sausage patty that instantly reminded me the type you get in a certain fast food chains breakfast muffins. I couldn't wait to try and recreate them using this exciting new product alongside the already popular veggie bacon strips and the humble egg. Cook them and pop them all on a toasted muffin and you have a scrummy vegetarian breakfast treat

So this guide to the perfect veggie breakfast muffin uses Quorn products as, in my option they do make some of the best meat substitute items in the UK. The sausage patties are so similar to the ones you will find in that famous international eatery that if I hadn't of know, I probably wouldn't of even known they were meat free. They are a new product (at the time of writing) so you might have a hard time finding them so try the bigger supermarkets for now and then hopefully they will be come popular enough to be stocked in more and more shops. If you know of another similar product out there at the moment then feel free to use that instead. Bacon wise tho I do know that there are a lot of veggie bacon products out there so use your favorite variety (I've used Quorn again). 

How do I get my eggs nice and round like in the pictures? The secret is to use a crumpet ring. Now I know this might be something that not everyone will have in their kitchen but you can pick them up relatively cheap online or in kitchen stores. Any kind of metal ring shaped implement will work so if you have something similar then you can use that instead. If not, well I suppose you could just fry the egg as normal in a pan but it just doesn't have same feel as using the method in my guide below. Hunt out a crumpet ring, it's worth it I promise!

All you need now is a muffin and you're ready to go. My guide below is not one of my standard recipes as you can kind of cook all the ingredients at the same time. Quantities are per muffin so multiply everything by how many people you need to serve and away you go;

Veggie Breakfast Muffin

1 Tbsp Butter
1 Whole Egg
1 Muffin
1 Slice Quorn Bacon
1 Quorn Sausage Patty
Ketchup To Finish

  1. Begin by turning your grill onto a medium heat and warm up two lightly oiled pans on a medium heat until everything is hot.
  2. To make your eggs; chuck the butter into one of the pans until it melts. Pop a crumpet ring into the pan and crack the egg inside the ring. Fry for 2 minutes before pouring 50ml into the pan outside of the ring and then cover the pan with a lid or some foil. Steam until the whites are solid and the yolk is done as much you like it. Remove from the pan and drain on some kitchen roll.
  3. Cut your muffin in half and then pop under grill until as
    toasted as you like them. 
  4. In the second pan, fry your bacon and sausage patty as per the packet instructions and drain on some kitchen paper.
  5. Assemble your breakfast muffin by placing the base of your muffin on a plate, followed by the patty, bacon and the egg and a splodge of ketchup on top. Pop on the top half of the muffin and serve.
Remember that this recipe is not a step by step guide. Steps 2,3 and 4 can all be completed at the same time if you juggle everything correctly. That way everything should be cooked and ready for assembly at the same time. I prefer ketchup on my muffin but I won't hate you if you decide that you want to use brown sauce instead. Cut the breakfast muffin in half and serve with a massive mug of builders tea and you have the ultimate veggie breakfast in one handheld package. The veggie "Mat" Muffin is here to stay so climb on board, your mornings are never going to be the same again!

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