Saturday, 17 December 2016


This is a recommendation that's a bit outside the norm now as its not so much a restaurant that I'm writing about but more a foodie venue. We strolled past the Flat Iron Square on Union Street in the Southwalk area of London last weekend and it was packed full of people drinking and generally having a good time. Intrigued as to what was going on we gave it a quick google and found out that as well as hosting weekly flea markets, many small vendors sell their foodie wares here as well. Looking for somewhere to lunch the next day, we decided to stroll over and see what was on offer.

Entering via Union Street on the south of the river under the shadow of the shard we entered into Flat Iron Square and were greeted by a bar area with plenty of outside seating under a massive archway. Simply known as "The Bar", they sell a range of British craft and European beers but we decided to partake in two glasses of the home made pink lemonade. Lovely and refreshing on a Saturday afternoon. It was now time to go through the door into the food arches, check out the food stalls and decide what we wanted to nibble on.

Inside the food arches are small street food stalls with a range of international cuisine. It's bustling with activity and all the different smells coming from the different stands is amazing. I was instantly drawn to Ekachai's stall. These guys serve up a range of South East Asian dishes such as Pad Thai and Nasi Goreng but I decided to go with a portion of the pork and ginger pot stickers. These 4 little dumpling were exactly what they said they were, dumplings filled with a delicious pork mince filling flavored with soy and ginger. They were incredibly moreish and I could of easily eaten another portion.

But I didn't because I had a portion of Sui Mai to tuck into instead. I love Sui Mai but hadn't had them for ages and when I popped by first one into my mouth I remembered why I loved them so much. They were divine. Made with steamed prawns and topped with a slice of scallop, Ekachai's Sui Mai's really are the bee's knees. They do take a while to get to you as they are made to order but it's this freshness that really makes them sing so they are definitely worth the extra wait time. If you are a fan of Asian food and happen to find yourself at the Flat Iron Square then get your ass over to Ekachai and tuck straight in.

Not a fan of Asian food? Do not fret! The great thing about venues like the Flat Iron Square is that you and your friends can choose different styles of food yet all stay under one roof. This is what happened when we visited so whilst I tucked into my dumplings, Jon went to visit Baz&Fred. Baz&Fred serve up pizza's that are cooked to order in one of their Chadwick oven's which were invented by Baz's Godfather. Apparently they would create pizza's with a perfectly thin and crispy base. Would these claims translate to the product. With a tomato and mozzarella pizza ordered it was time to put them to the test.

Firstly, it's great to see the pizza dough being spun right in front of you, you at least know that you are getting a fresh base. The pizza's are made to order so they do take a while to get to you so use this time to find a seat and enjoy a beverage whilst you wait. It's worth it as the pizza crust is indeed perfectly thin and crispy whist the simple toppings of fresh San Marzano tomatoes and melted mozzarella are scrumptious. That garlic mayo in the centre however, is amazing and perfect for dipping those crispy crusts into. It safe to say that Baz&Fred definitely have something with their Chadwick ovens, this pizza was the best we've had in a long time!

Lunchtime over with, we headed off back to our hotel to get ready for the evening. What a great find it was stumbling across the Flat Iron Square. Both Ekachai and Baz&Fred are a credit to the venue, the bar had a nice chilled out atmosphere in the afternoon and there were plenty of more stalls to check out that will keep you coming back for more week after week until you find your favorite. If you want some real street food treats, step away from the madness of nearby Borough market and head down to Flat Iron Square, it's fabulous!

Find out more about Ekachai, Baz&Fred and all the other eateries trading at the Flat Iron Square by clicking here and then jump on the nearest Boris bike and get down there pronto!

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