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Let me get straight to the point with this one and tell you that I think The Delaunay is a brilliant restaurant. A proper fancy dining experience that we have visited two Christmas times running now as a post theatre treat and hopefully, fingers crossed we'll be back for a third time next year. Let me take the time now to tell you all about why I think The Delaunay is so special and why you need to visit them the next time you are in the capital.

Situated on the corner of Aldwych and Drury Lane, we arrived at The Delaunay having made our reservation months in advance. The doorman, dressed in all his splendor welcomes us and opens the door for us as we head through to the hostess desk. From there you are taken through to your table in the grand dining room. There is a touch of the old fashioned about it with the wooden interiors, tablecloths, silver cutlery and the service team in their pristine uniforms. It's all perfectly presented and you get a proper sense that you are in for a fabulous evening right from the start. 

The menu is packed with a range of European classics with a lean towards the dishes from the Bavarian region. With a carafe of wine ordered it was time to tuck into my starter, a classic prawn cocktail. A Christmas time must have for me for as long as I can remember, The Delaunay's version contains oodles of prawns and lettuce served in a light Marie Rose. The slices avocado not only add to the presentation but work so well with the prawns and stop the dish being completely one note whilst the two king prawns served on the side were to die for. Yes, it's quite retro but it's so good and brings back memories of many a family Christmas.

If you have any vegetarians at your table be sure to ask for the veggie menu and keep your fingers
crossed that this gnocchi dish is still on there. For a fancy restaurant, The Delaunay certainly didn't skimp on the portion size when it came to this delicious dinner. The gnocchi is piled high and perfectly cooked in a delicious tomato sauce stuffed to the brim with  a range of tender and scrumptious vegetables. The artichokes in there were a particular highlight (we think they were artichokes anyway!). The only thing missing was some bread to scoop up every last drop of that tomato sauce!

For my main though I had to go back to an old favorite; the chicken schnitzel. The schnitzel is one of The Delaunay's signature menu items and I had it last year when we visited and fell in love with it instantly. This year I picked it again and it was exactly as I remembered it. A massive, moist and succulent flattened chicken breast coated and fried in the most golden and crispy of breadcrumbs, it's served simply with sea salt, half a lemon to squeeze over it and a green oil which, when dribbled over the schnitzel just takes it to another level. This is one of my all time favorite restaurant dishes just for the simple perfection of it.

By the time we had finished our mains we didn't think there would be enough room to have a dessert but after a little rest and another look at the menu we couldn't resist the tasty sounding puds! Our first dessert was a portion of the coffee and Stroh rum cake. Defiantly one for the grown ups, the sponge of this cake was drenched in a strong coffee flavor which then gives away to a powerful punch of rum much like you would experience with a tiramisu. It's decedent and naughty and a much better way to finish off a meal than just a regular old boring cup of coffee!

I on the other hand decided to go for a dessert that was entitled chocolate and gingerbread Bavarian cream. I love gingerbread and this was the main reason I chose the dish but I didn't expect the dish that arrived at our table. At the base, a rich smooth chocolate moose on top of which sat a red berry disc. On top of this lived a quenelle of cream which has little delightful crunchy bits of punchy gingerbread scattered through it topped of with another red berry disc. It's divine; a real pudding lovers paradise. If you love all things rich and creamy this is the choice for you.

And with the last sip of wine drink it was time to bid farewell to The Delaunay for another year. Our visit this year was just as special as I remembered it was last year. The service is on point, setting exquisite and the food is stunning. I can't see any reason why I won't be back for a third visit so all that's left to say to The Delaunay is, see you in 2017 for another schnitzel! 

For more information on The Delaunay and to check out their fabulous menu head on over to their website by clicking here!

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