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Liverpool is such a vibrant and expanding place, especially when it comes to it's food culture. Not a week goes by without news of a new eating experience gracing the streets of this fine city.  A couple of weeks ago we came across the Button Street Smokehouse on Twitter. Describing themselves as the "Deep South Gone Urban", a quick glance at the menu seemed to give the impression that they were offering BBQ/Grill cuisine at what appeared to be very affordable prices and early reviews seems to be favourable. But was this down to wanting to make a good first impression on the city or would the standard still remain high after they had been open for a couple of weeks. We took a trip down their to see for ourselves!

Given that it hasn't been open long I was surprised when we arrived that there was already the buzz of chatty diners inside the Smokehouse possibly down to it's prime location in the city centre (the old Ted Baker around Matthew Street for my fellow Scousers out there). I admired the decor as we were shown to our table. All wooden table tops and a long saloon bar by the entrance, it's vibe was defiantly one that an Urban Cowboy would feel right at home in. I liked the touch of the BBQ sauce and the kitchen roll on the table. I was looking forward to getting my hands dirty and diving right in.

What I liked about the menu was that there were plenty of options for a range of diners. Main meals for those out for their evening dinner, a choice of "small plates" served tapas style for a group of friends looking for a choice of nibbles before heading off down Matthew Street and subs and sliders for those grabbing a quick lunch before heading back to the office. There was something to suit all needs. We decided to go for a just for a main course each on this visit although I'd like to try the shrimp Po'boy, an American standard that I've always liked the look of when I've seen it made on TV and was excited to see it on the menu.

It was hard to choose my main. A choice of many a BBQ classic greeted me as a peered through the menu. Baby back ribs, brisket and an array of steaks and burgers. If I wasn't with Jon (veggie and all that) one of the Smokehouse platters would of been the perfect choice for the indecisive but in the end I went for the pulled pork served (fittingly for the theme of the restaurant) in a cowboys BBQ tin which I thought was a nice touch. I was asked if I wanted it with BBQ or hot sauce and let me tell you if you are not of fan of spice then stick with the BBQ sauce as the hto sauce is hot, hot, hot. Luckily, that's how I like it and the homemade slaw works as a great cooling compliment to the sauce. I have no idea what was in the small jar as it's not on the menu (I think it was a cool onion relish) but it was delicious and I wished there was more. As my side I chose the Hush Puppies - deep fried dough balls which were beautifully light and fluffy and a great alternative to your standard fries. Believe it or not this entire feast cost £9.50 - in my eyes, fantastic value.

Don't worry if you are a veggie. I know I've spoken a lot about the meat on offer and smokehouse's tend not to be all that veggie friendly however the Button Street Smokehouse doesn't forget our meat free friends. Bean tacos, nachos and don't forgot the Mac n' Cheese, it doesn't get anymore more deep south than that!
Jon went for the veggie burger which consisted a portabello mushroom with shavings of halloumi, roast tomato and a blue cheese sauce. As you can see form the picture this by no means was a light bite, the burger was stacked and the brioche bun holding it all together was just the right level of toasted. The whole dish worked so well together with the refreshing pickle and jalapeno side tying everything together. The fries were coated in a seasoning that reminded me of the old BBQ chip salt you used to be able to buy and were incredibly crisp and moreish. It was nice to see a well thought out veggie meal in a restaurant that prides itself on it's meat. No one is left out on Button Street.

We were so stuffed that there was no room for dessert but all your American classics are here: Apple pie, cherry pie, New York cheesecake and many more all for £5. I wish I'd seen someone having one but if the standard of the mains is anything to go buy I can only imagine how good they would be! Once you've polished off your dessert you could even wash everything down with a glass of one of the many bourbons on offer or anything other tipple that takes your fancy. The range of drinks was extensive and I can't see anyone not finding something to wet their whistle.

The Button Street Smokehouse is one of the newest shining stars of Liverpool's food scene. It wipes the floor with all other grill's in the city I could think of and I hope that the city supports this fantastic restaurant. If the standard of the food and the value for money stays the same I'll defiantly be back to chow down on more.

So put on your spurs, jump in the saddle on mosey on down to Button Street today!

(Prices/Menu Items correct at the time of writing!)

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