Thursday, 26 June 2014


Ready for the weekend, its time for another One Shot Sunday Roast Recipe. This time were staying relatively traditional with a simple citrusy fresh lemon and thyme tray. You can use fresh lemons but its also a great way to use up that bottle of lemon juice that gets paraded out on pancake day before going to sleep in the cupboard for another year. So quick and simple its another flavor combination you can to your growing repertoire of one shots. 

Again with my one shots I use jersey royal potatoes but any potatoes can be used as long as you chop them to roughly the size of a small potato (roughly thumb size for a guide). The veg used here is also just a suggestion. Use anything you like but make sure you chop them into same sized chunks as your potatoes so everything cooks evenly.

The recipe below will do for four a hearty roast for two. Give it a whirl this Sunday!

One Shot Sunday Roast 

(Lemon And Thyme Style)

A Good Glug Of Olive Oil 
(Vegetable or Sunflower will work too)
250g Jersey Royal Potatoes
250g Carrots
250g Beetroot
250g Parsnips
3 Garlic Cloves
2 Tbsp Dried Thyme
6 Tbsp Lemon Juice 
Or Roughly The Juice Of One Fresh Lemon

  1. Warm your oven up to 220 degrees (200 fan).
  2. Chop all the potatoes into thumb sized pieces. Jerseys may be small enough already so just chop any particularly larger ones in half so they are all roughly the same size. Throw them all into a pan of salted water and bring to the boil for just five minutes. Drain and leave to the side. 
  3. Whilst the veg is boiling and draining, line a roasting tray that's big enough for all the veg with foil and pour in a good glug of oil so all the foil is covered with a thin layer. 
  4. Crush the garlic cloves with a spoon to break the skins and spacethem out in the tray. Place the tray in the oven so that it warms up the garlicky oil whilst you prepare the veg. 
  5. Peel and chop all your veg so they are roughly the same size as the potatoes. Remove the tray and carefully and add the veg into the tray with the potatoes and toss everything so they are all coated in the oil.
  6. Sprinkle over the thyme and lemon juice and give everything a second good old toss to that everything is coated in the lemony thymey garlicky oil.
  7. Place the tray back in the oven and roast for approximately 35 minutes or until you can easily stick a knife straight through a piece of beetroot. 

There you have it. Just prepare you meat and gravy to accompany the veg and you have another fantastic Sunday lunch prepared and cooked in a jiffy.

Doesn't take your fancy - try some of my other One Shot Sunday Roasts. There is something for everyone!

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