Thursday, 5 June 2014


If you saw my homemade slaw recipe yesterday you may of spotted these cheesy corn cobs stealing the spotlight on the last picture. Jon created a beautiful lime, chili and ginger butter to bake them in and boy they were good.

So fresh and juicy I could of eaten 10 of them and the little sprinkling of parmigiano reggiano gives them a nice sharp edge that really compliments the lime and chili. If your looking for a different way to enjoy corn cobs give this a go today. It couldn't be easier.

Lime Chili Corn Cobs

3 Tbsp Soft Butter
2cm Square Piece Of Grated Ginger
Half De-Seeded Red Chill (Finely Diced)
Zest Of 1 Lime
4 Mini Corn Cobs
Sprinkle Of Parmigiano Reggiano

  1. Get your oven on to 200 degrees (180 fan) ready for the buttery corny goodness.
  2. Simple add the butter, chili, ginger and lime zest into a bowl and give it a good mix so all the ingredients are distributed evenly throughout the butter.
  3. Get some tin foil and sit a cob on top and plonk one forth of the butter on top. Wrap the corn in the foil and repeat with the rest of the cobs.
  4. Place in the oven for around 15 minutes. To test, stick a knife into a corn kernel and if it's soft and pops they are ready. 
  5. Unwrap the corn and transfer quickly to your plate and sprinkle with the cheese so that it begins to melt slightly.
...And that's how easy it is to turn corn cobs into something special. If you like your corn super buttery then use the melted butter that should be sitting in the foil for an extra burst of flavor or you can keep the butter to use at a later date. I imagine it would taste great melted over some boiled new potatoes!

You could even prepare these little golden beauties beforehand and throw onto a BBQ as a scrummy side to your burgers and hot dogs!

It is a veritable Corn-ucopia of deliciousness!

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