Thursday, 23 February 2017


Liverpool has a very rich multi cultural heritage but could a restaurant advertising a unique British take on American classics with a sprinkling of dim sum dishes inspired by the neighboring China town be fusion to far? Based right on the top of Seel Street, Slim's Pork Chop Express takes a lot of its influences from the movie "Big Trouble In Little China" with the retro references lining the walls to the names of the dishes on the menu, it really sounds like an 80's child's playground. I went down one Friday to see if it is all a bit gimmicky or a fun and playful place to bring a bunch of mates for chilled out meal.

From walking through the door, all the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful when it came to questions about the menu and drinks. The only complaint I have regarding the venue itself is that the tables were maybe a little to close to each other so I felt like I was sitting on my neighbors knee but it is a small dining area so I can understand that they would want to cram as many covers in as possible. With lagers ordered and menus dissected it was time to order.

My mate decided to go for Slim's namesake, the "Pork Chop Express". This packed patty is based on the sandwiches that used to be made for Kurt Russel on the set of "Big Trouble In Little China" and it's easy to see why he would of loved them so much. This burger bun, stuffed with sticky BBQ pulled pork, gorgeous crispy smoky bacon and grilled sausage is totally a carnivores paradise. Add to this some zingy pickles and crunchy slaw and you have a plate of pure perfection. The dish that shares its name it's venue needs to be good and the Pork Chop Express totally slays!
There is a lot of chicken joints opening in Liverpool at the moment so it can be hard to make your bird stand out from the crowd. Slim's Kornflake (not misspelled!) chicken is totally up there with some of the best in the city. How does it separate its self from the pack? It's definitely with that crispy coating. It's soooo crunchy. I'm assuming it's made with cornflakes and the spices and herbs they are tossed in before coating the chicken may be a secret but who cares when it tastes so good. Add to this the fact that the actual chicken is cooked to perfection and you are onto a winner.

So what about those China town dim sum influences? Say hello to the Lo Pan Banquet! Named after the big bad from "Big Trouble In Little China", this steamer box of treats is right up my street. For a start there are Sui Mais which you either love or hate (love!). There are the most fluffiest Char Sui buns I've ever eaten and I could of eaten several of them no problem. The ribs were yummy but not the "salt and pepper" ones I was expecting as advertised on the menu, more just your bog standard BBQ ribs with a few peppers thrown over them. Finally, the stars of the show were the Philly cheese spring rolls. Divine!

The ultimate fusion of East and West, I actually stopped my conversation mid flow to appreciate all the magnificence on offer. Basically, if you love dim sum and you have a healthy appetite, order the Lo Pan Banquet and be prepared for an amazing dinner.

After all that food and a couple of cans of lager there was no room to try any dessert so we paid our bill (given to us in an empty "Big Trouble In Little China" DVD box. Nice touch!) and headed off to enjoy the rest of our evening. I wasn't sure what to expect when my mate suggested we go to Slim's Pork Chop Express but I'm glad I allowed her to make our reservation. The different cuisines on offer are all spot on meaning there is something for everyone without any particular dish compromising in quality for the sake of another. Atmosphere is great and the team are terrific so there is no "Big Trouble" in judging weather to come to Slim's Pork Chop Express again. This little piece of paradise by China town is a knockout! 

If you want to have a nose at the eclectic menu or book yourself a table then head over to Slim's Pork Chop Express's website by clicking here! 

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