Saturday, 20 May 2017


Our adventure overseas continues now with the second week of our holiday were we ventured over to the vibrant and beautiful city of Singapore. We came armed with our guide book and when we didn't have any luck finding any food in the Little India area of the city we decided to venture to the glorious Marina Bay Sands and it's shopping area where you can find Pizzeria Mozza. Described as having "pizza crusts to die for!" and with our love of pizza we just knew we had to go and visit them to find out for ourselves.

It was only after researching about Pizzeria Mozza that we learnt that the restaurant has a couple of branches across the globe and is part owned by Joe Bastianich who we loved watching on Masterchef USA. Along with his partners, Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton the aim is to bring a touch of Italy to the shores of Singapore. Arriving at Pizzeria Mozza after passing shops such as Tiffany and Louis Vuitton we were welcomed at the entrance and luckily got two seats over at the bar. Both Mozza and the connected (slightly more posher looking!) sister venue Osteria Mozza were packed so it's probably best to try and reserve a table if you can before heading down to visit. Inside is bustling with activity with people enjoying their holidays whilst pizza dough is tossed over at the far side of the dining room. It's exciting and there is a proper buzz in the air.

The seats at the bar were great. It felt like the barman was our own personal server and he was quick to offer us cold drinks and menus. The menu is a mix of Italian classics including a range of antipasti that I decided to tuck into. My first choice was the bone marrow. I love dirty stuff like this and it was yummy. Soft and spreadable on the crunchy pieces of bruschetta, it certainly did have a strong garlic flavor. I love garlic so this didn't bother me but if you're not so keen I would stay well clear. It would definitely get rid of any vampires knocking around. It's a good job I'm not one!

Next up were my chicken wings alla diavolo. I actually ended up getting two portions of these as one went flying on the way to the table. Excellent service from the manager who came over and explained and gave me the wings that survived. Result! I gather that alla diavolo means grilled with spices and the wings definitely had a nice grilled charred flavor to them. Spicy? I wouldn't say spicy hot but there was a nice  warm heat from whatever the wings are marinated in. These would be prefect to tuck into around a BBQ on a warm summers evening. Squeeze a bit of lemon on for some zing and get stuck in.

For my final antipasti I decided to go for the pigs ears (I said I like dirty things!). What arrived at the table was not what I expected however it was outstanding. Imagine if you will porky tasting calamari and that's what you get with these. The pig's ears are not at all chewy and the crispy coating has a nice crunch to it. What really lifts them though is the salsa calabrese which is served alongside them. This spicy red little dip which I believe is made from red peppers was actually the best thing about the meal and the combination of it with the pigs ears was knockout. If you are lucky to come visit here then get the pig ears even if it's just for the dip! 

What about those pizza crusts then? Did you think we came all this way to a pizzeria and didn't try a pizza. Of course we did! We selected the Margarita pizza and let me not waste your time and  just tell you that yes, those pizza crusts are to die for. Having them made fresh in front of you at the open pizza kitchen and brought straight over means they are piping hot and uber crispy. A Margarita pizza may sound simple but a punchy fresh tomato sauce, gooey melted cheese and fresh basil is all you need when the quality of the toppings are as good as this. Yes we came to Singapore and I'm raving about a pizza but I really don't care! Yum!

After all that delicious grub and with more of Singapore to discover we passed on dessert and headed off to go and enjoy the Singapore skyline at night. Over the years watching chef judges on TV shows you do wonder whether they do have the goods to back up being privy to pass comments on other people's food. I can tell you that Joe Bastianich does. Everything about our meal was stunning, from the marrow right through to the pizza. I was just upset that I couldn't eat everything. With a breathtaking setting at Marina Bay Sands and the food to match I can safely say that I'll remember our trip to Pizzeria Mozza for a long time and hopefully if I'm lucky enough to come back to Singapore, I'll make it my mission to make sure I come back for a munch at Mozzza.

Find out more about Pizzeria Mozza's menu, book a table or how to find its location in Singapore or across the world by clicking here to head over to their website! 

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