Wednesday, 17 May 2017


One of the first things I love to do when I arrive in a new holiday destination and I've checked into the hotel is to get on my phone and use my GPS to find all the restaurants nearby. There could be some hidden treasures around that you wont find in any guide book or travel guide. That is how I found out about Warung Kampung. A warung is the name for a small family run cafe/restaurant and this little eatery was just around the corner from our hotel. It was getting some nice little reviews on the internet so one night I decided to take a walk and see if I could get myself some good authentic Balinese grub.

One thing about I'll say about Bali is that I always felt safe walking around the streets. Yes, hawkers will try and sell you things and taxis will honk at you incessantly as you walk down the street seemingly thinking you are unable to use your legs but a simple no thank you and you are left alone. With this in mind I wasn't intimidated as I walked down the alley off Jl Mesati, following the the sign posts to Warung Kampung. What I found at the end was a small beach hut style restaurant with a counter, small kitchen and around six tables. Don't be put off by the cats loitering around. They didn't bother me at all during dinner and are quite cute (and I don't like cats!).

This isn't the kind of place we would see at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore a few days later. This is a small business ran by locals trying to earn a few bucks from the plethora of tourists in the region and it appears to be working! As I rocked up to Warung Kampung, I managed to get the last table whilst all the other were packed out with mainly Australians who were staying in the surrounding hotels but some young backpackers and English folk were enjoying a beer or two as well. There was Bintang so I was already happy. Locals were even coming up to the counter for takeaways, always a good sign of the locals are loving the grub as well.

I couldn't really come to Indonesia without having some authentic Mie Goreng. This traditional dish of fried noodles which is lightly spiced with a hint of chili and served with garlic, onions, spring onion and (on this occasion chicken) is a staple across Bali. This version also had sliced carrots and cabbage and the dish must of taken less than 5 minutes to arrive at the table. You could see it being prepared by a little lady in the small kitchen behind the counter. Made to order food; perfect! As I ordered a special Mie Goreng I also got a nice big omelette plonked on top of the noodles which was perfectly cooked. Stunning and it only cost me the equivalent of £1.

With amazing food and mind boggling prices I couldn't really leave with out having another plate of food (I was quite the hungry as well!) so I decided to order a plate of the special Nasi Goreng as well. Nasi Goreng is the literal translation of fried rice and that is exactly what you got. A massive plate of the most perfectly cooked fried rice with another yummy omelette on top was once again made fresh out in the back in no time at all. Each grain was separate from each other and the rice had a nice sweetness to it, possible from soy sauce or the more traditional Kecap Manis sauce. Whatever they used all I know is that it was delicious and just £1!

I'll admit that after my second plate of food I was most definitely full so I polished off my Bintang and headed back to the hotel. Warung Kampung is the perfect place to get a taste of traditional Bali right on the doorstep of many of the larger beach resort hotels in Legian. Do yourself a favor, take the plunge and step on down to Warung Kampung if you get the chance and be prepared for incredible freshly cooked food in an intimate surrounding that costs literally nothing. What more could you ask for from this wonderful warung?

It's only a small gaff so they don't have a website or social media so just take my word for it and go hunt them out!

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