Sunday, 14 May 2017


I initially didn't want to go into the Azul Tiki Bar when we first passed it the previous day whilst walking along the beach in Legian, Bali. I don't know why but maybe I just thought that by having the mantle of being the island's first tiki bar that it was just going to be a bit cheap and nasty. I gave the menu another look the next day though and decided to give them a whirl. Well, they did have barramundi on the menu (which I've always wanted to try!) and there were cocktails ahoy so even if it was bad I could get bladdered on those. Off we trotted to see if my feelings would be correct or if I needed to eat my words.

Walking along Legian beach, you can't really miss Azul. The multi story bamboo tiki hunt is quite imposing compared to the small beach bars surrounding it. Heading up to the entry we were greeted at the welcome stand and taken upstairs to the first floor so we could once again enjoy stunning views of the Bali sunset from the open sided dining area. The semi circle booths that line the outside of this area are so comfortable whilst the lighting from the ceiling as well as the central island bar are actually quite good looking. This is no ordinary tiki bar!

And what with being a tiki bar we just had to have some of those tiki cocktails before dinner. These cocktails are quite pricey compared to all the other drinks we sampled over our time in Bali (saying that it converts to £5 so still not pocket burning prices!) but I think you are definitely getting your money's worth in the alcohol department. These bad boys are quite the strong! I had a Mai Tai 2.0 which was a mixture of three different rums! Try not to drink them too quickly or you might find yourself on the floor before you have even got round to ordering dinner.

Speaking of dinner let me introduce you to the the vegetarian mezze platter. A hefty meal for one or perfect as a starter for two, there are too many good things on here to talk about that I could go on for days so here are some highlights. The falafel were moist and moreish, feta cheese that was crumbly and creamy sat alongside a huge bowl of hummus that was smooth and garlicky. The oily mezze style artichokes were some of the nicest we had ever had and normally I'm not a fan of tzatziki but Azul's version was so light and fresh that I could of eaten it for days. So much variety and for such a great price as well.

Now it is time for us to talk about that barramundi I had been longing for. Another fish I see cooked on Masterchef Australia all the time but can never seem to find in U.K restaurants, this dish totally blew my mind. I'm in a tiki bar in Bali having what I considered to be high end food, incredible! The barramundi was just to die for with a stunning herby crispy skin. It sat on top of the smoothest sweet beetroot puree which complimented the more earthy, smoky flavors of the bacon lentils on which the barramundi sat upon. The yellow sauce (the balsamic reduction?) was buttery which I love and added a further dimension to this knockout plate.

I'm not going to beat around the bush with the dessert, this was the best dessert of the holiday by a mile. A mango pannacotta that just burst with flavor, lifted by a fresh mango salsa served alongside it. The berry sauce (foam?) dribbled on top might look stingy but the sweetness was so intense, that was all you needed. A duo of both soft and crunchy meringue melted in the mouth whilst the addition of a biscuit crumble gave the plate some texture to keep things exciting on the tongue. Finally, a quinelle of smooth coconut cream in the middle tops off what is not only a beautiful looking plate of food but one that has the flavors to back it up. Five stars all round!

What a high to finish a meal on! Everything about this dinner at Azul, from those fun cocktails, to the mezze, that ultimate first time barramundi experience and the stunning dessert show why you should never ever judge a book by its cover. Azul is a top class restaurant that has some personality and a lot of stuffy Michelin star restaurants in the U.K could probably take a few leaves out of their book when it comes to having a great night out with amazing food, scrummy cocktails and an uplifting, fun atmosphere. Take it from me, if you find yourself in Legian then come and find Azul and prepare for an amazing adventure!

To find out more about Azul, check out their menus or find out how to find them then head over to their website by clicking here or you can feast your eyes on some pics of their food by heading over to their Instagram page here! 

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