Saturday, 24 May 2014


Well you may of noticed its all been a bit quiet on MattyB Bakes this week. Have you missed me! 

We have been quite the social butterflies, going to a few concerts and the theatre but most importantly for the food lovers out there, we have been dining out in Liverpool for the first time in ages. I thought this would be a great opportunity to take a look at some of the newest places to eat in the city and share my discoveries with you!

Our first stop was Amalia Liverpool, a great new Italian restaurant in the city centre tucked away a short walk away from the Liverpool One Shopping Centre. We discover Amalia through the offer that they promote at the moment via the Liverpool Independent Card. At the time of writing this was 20% off food only and for someone watching the pennies like we are we thought it was a great offer to take them up on.

So we headed across the courtyard outside Amalia and walked in. I work close by to Amalia and I've seen this courtyard filled with people enjoying the summer sun. Unfortunately this was quite a damp spring evening so we couldn't dine Al Fresco but that was OK as the interior is equally inviting. The green walls and wooden furniture offer a great Mediterranean feel to the inside that you almost think you could actually be in a cafe in the heart of Italy.

We took a look at the menu. We weren't quite up for a starter but your standard Italian fayre was all present and correct; olives, bruschetta or a yummy sounding "Antipasto Misto" plate which took these and added a selection of cured meats and other treats which would be great for sharing with friends or with someone special on a date night! Next time we come I'll make sure I'm hungry enough so I can give them a go.

So onto our mains and boy they were good. Before I start can I say that Amalia do not skimp on the portions and when I looked at prices I thought this was going to be the case. Not true at all. Take a look at the pepperoni pizza Jon ordered to the left. Massive! He has a very good appetite and he struggled. Not that I'm complaining as it meant I could have a slice or two too.

The pizza base was delicious thin and crispy and the herbs in the tomato sauce; absolutely stunning. There was just the right amount of pepperoni and mozzarella distribution across the base too. You could tell it had been made fresh and for me this a big thing for an Italian restaurant. Jon has said ever since that it is one of the tastiest pizzas he's ever had and I'd have to agree with him. If you are a solo diner though make you have plenty of room in your belly for yours but we thought it would be great if you came with a larger group to just order two or three different pizza's and share them. Either way, if your a pizza lover I promise you won't be disappointed.

I went for the "Pollo Picante", chicken with garlic, onions, pepper and chili in a tomato and white wine sauce. Again, portion size vs price was fantastic, more than enough for one person. My chicken was perfectly cooked, my knife glided right through the breast and melted in my mouth. The sauce had just a hint of chili so it didn't over power everything so it complimented the dish fantastically. However, and I wasn't expecting this, the star of my plate were the baby potatoes. I was expecting just simple boiled potatoes and what I got were some beautifully cooked rosemary (I'm thinking roasted) potatoes. They are divine and I could of happily eaten a second portion. If you do visit Amalia, please please please pick the potatoes over the chips if you have the choice. The menu description does not do them justice. Again another triumph and I can confidently say that by the time we had finished both are meals there were two happy, full diners in the restaurant at that point! 

After these two cracking dishes we unfortunately didn't have time to sample any of the desserts. I have heard good things about an Italian classic on the menu in the form of a Tiramisu which I think looks like the dessert I found on the Internet to the right. If it's not, I'd like to try whatever this is anyway. It looks scrummy.

When we came the restaurant was very quiet. I hope this was due to it being early on a rainy Thursday as this restaurant deserves to be packed every day. In a city that is saturated with Italian chain restaurants there is a little hidden gem that is serving food that is ten times better than any Italian I've tried in the city that is priced so well that anyone will be able to treat themselves to a meal. Weather you share a pizza or take on the Man vs Food style Calzone challenge to try and win an Amalia t-shirt, there is something for everyone. I know I will be back!

Check out their website here and book a table today.

Buon Appetito!

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  1. I live near to Liverpool and we tried Amalia a few weeks back. The food was absolutely gorgeous and it's a decent way to spend some time if you manage to catch someone taking part in the calzone challenge!

    The pub opposite that is the old police cells (the Bridewell) does decent food too, if that might be your sort of thing :)

    S xo.