Saturday, 10 May 2014


I've never been one for making bread. I could never get my dough to rise properly or the bread would be too doughy or burnt. So many things can go wrong. However over the last two weeks I have been making these incredible bread rolls affectionately called "Ted's Rolls" created by Sarah James - author of the fantastic blog "Tales From The Kitchen Shed".

Not only are the rolls deliciously soft inside with a beautiful golden crust but there is also a heartwarming story behind their inception which truly inspired me to give the rolls a go.

I half the ingredients in the recipe to create a smaller batch of around 10 rolls which I've calculated that after you buy in all the ingredients costs around 3p per rolls and in these tough times that's got to be better than buying a pack of 6 from a supermarket for around £1. They are great for freezing too, another reason to give these rolls a whirl!

 Check out the recipe and the story behind "Ted's Rolls" on Sarah's blog here as well as her other fantastic tips and dishes. 

From one blogger to another I give her one big high five for sharing Ted's Rolls with the world! 

Bake yourself a batch today! You won't be disappointed

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  1. I've become addicted to baking Teds Rolls too recently, have never been able to master 'soft' rolls until now!