Thursday, 8 May 2014


Yesterday we took another trip up to Manchester and after scouring the twittersphere for a new places to try we came across Dogs N Dough.

There is a trend for restaurants at the moment to have menus with few items on and Dogs N Dough do exactly that. As the name suggests, Hot Dogs and Pizza's are the order of the day. We booked our table and headed off to give it a whirl.

Situated in a side street and in the basement of the building, you enter thinking you are stumbling across an old speak easy bar, a little hidden secret in the city centre. Pumping in rock and country music there was a definite American diner/bar vibe about the place. At six there were already plenty of tables taken and we were sat in a nice corner of the restaurant, perfect for people watching and spying on what everyone else was ordering.

At the far side of the restaurant was a large bar area and the drinks menu that greeted us that was certainly crammed with drinks to please anyone ranging from beers, spirits and cocktails. Whilst I stuck to my standard cider I did spend a while looking at the cocktails menu deciding which one I would of had, the Ting A Ling Mojito being the top choice between us both, Rum, Pinapple, Coconut and Grapefruit. It sounded delicious. I don't do well on cocktails though but if you are fan hunt the out mid-week between 5pm - 8pm where at the time of writing they were offering "Happy Hour" cocktails for around half price at £4.50. For kids (big and little ones) I spied ice cream milkshakes which is a winner on any menu in my books.

Drinks order swiftly taken we took a look at the menu and decided that whilst I would go Dog, Jon would go Dough! 

Looking at the Dogs (And I will say at this point that the names of all the dishes are a hoot!) there were many I could of went for but I went for the "Rajin Cajin" - A Dog served with Cajun onions, pepperoni, bacon and BBQ sauce. Served diner style in a basket I was chuffed that the Dog was a "proper" hot dog sausage and not a tinned or "meaty" sausage. It had a nice mild spice kick to it too which I loved. If anything I could of eaten two! Even the bun was tasty and fresh. Top marks all round from me. "The Colonel" caught my eye as well, KFC on a hot dog is how I would call it and the baker in me was intrigued to see the "Monte Cristo" - served with peanut butter and jelly. Great for the sweet tooth, possibly for a dessert too! If your a hot dog fan you will be impressed with the choices as well as being happily stuffed to the brim.

Dough-wise veggie Jon went for the "Mac and Cheese" pizza and this is literally what it says on the tin. Mac and Cheese on a Pizza! Don't worry carnivores, you can add bacon on too! Arriving at the table in a pizza box which was a great touch (and great for the washing up too I'm sure!). It looked amazing. You could tell the dough is freshly made, it was nice and thin on the base and had just the right amount of thickness on the crust. The Mac and Cheese was perfectly cooked and had the right amount of cheese sauce to prevent the pizza being soggy. Carbs on carbs however make for a heavy meal so whilst delicious if you have a small appetite I'd defiantly suggest sharing with a friend. However when our waitress came to collect the box she did say we could take any leftovers home (we didn't have any -  I made sure of that). Again it's a great use for the box so if you do have eyes bigger than your belly remember you can always enjoy the rest later!

Unfortunately we did have eyes bigger than our belly so whilst we had good intentions to try the dessert pizza (hence not ordering any of the sides, fries, onion rings etc.) we were quite the stuffed.  Do take a look at this naughty dessert though! With a nutella base, you choose three sweetie topping, such as chocolate buttons, marshmallows and smarties and a one of three sauces. Who doesn't like the sound of that! They do allow children in before 5pm so this would be a great lunch time treat for little 'uns but lets be honest, I can think of a few over 18's who wouldn't mind sticking their face into this as well. If we were staying over the night we might of taken one away in a box but this time we had to pass. Next time though, the dessert pizza is mine!

We had a great meal at Dogs N Dough. It would be a great place to start off an evening with a group of friend, especially with that cocktail list and I defy anyone to say there isn't one thing on the menu they would like to try. For just selling mainly two items, the range of ideas and flavour combinations they have come up with is fantastic. Those little touches like ice cream shakes and sweetie topped pizzas in the American setting took me right back to holiday's in Florida as a child.

Check it out next time you're in Manchester and be sure to book so your not disappointed. By the time we were leaving at seven on a Wednesday they had ran out of tables and I can only see it getting more popular as word spreads!

You can book and take a look at the menus at their website here!

Hot Diggity Dog! "Doughn't" miss out!

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